The System 3 Off-Road SS360 is a brand-new tire for UTVs to drive in the sand or snow. “SS” actually stands for “Sand and Snow,” and 360 designates the tire for year-round use. So, for this test, we tried these tires in both sand and snow mounted on a Yamaha YXZ1000R.

At the end of last summer, System 3 released the SS360 tire just in time for sand season.


The tire has a very round, lightweight, two-ply carcass with a small directional rib pattern that is less aggressive than a typical paddle tire’s. The tires we tested were 32×10-15 up front and 32×12-15 out back. The rears didn’t rub, and the fronts only did if you hit a G-out hard with the steering wheel turned. This size would be better suited for a long-travel RZR or an X3. A more appropriate 30-inch size is available as well.

The smaller ribs kept the tire from digging in and down so the car wasn’t prone to high centering. The slower we dove, the better the tire stayed on top. They worked better in dryer, fluffy snow than they did in the warm slush.


In the snow, it really depends on whether you are driving on packed trail or off in the powder. In all winter conditions except deep, warm slush, the tires work great. They grip and move you forward just enough not to dig and make you sink. In snowy conditions, they give a similar feeling to stock Big Horns with a little more bite and a little less spray. The round profile allows the car to pack the snow down and stay above it so it doesn’t get high-centered.

In the sand, the positives were just as relevant. We took our Yamaha to the tall Dumont Dunes and had a blast. The tires hold their own against regular paddles, but are way smoother if you are going slower or riding on hard-packed dirt. When driven aggressively, the SS360’s float and slide more predictably than any other sand tire.


In the snow, we loved them. During our short test, the tires allowed us to explore a snowy trail that we never get to go up in the winter. Whereas a stock Maxxis Big Horn digs down too much and causes our machine to high-center in powder, the SS360 stayed on top and floated. In fact, the slower we drove, the more it would float, and just like in the sand, the lower the air pressure, the better. We stuck with about 8 psi on all four corners.

As a dedicated sand tire, the SS360 works perfectly for us. It’s not a drag-race-winning tire, and it will spin too much under a high-horsepower car; however, for casual dune exploring, we love it. It won’t hold you back over a traditional paddle, but it will provide a much smoother ride altogether. That makes it a winner any time of year.


RATING: ★★★★

PRICE: $174–$211, 30-inch; $202–$217, 32-inch

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