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Honda’s long-awaited Talon 1000s are game-changers, and 2020 heralds the introduction of the Talon 1000X-4 and X-4 Fox Live Valve. Both X-4s are being advertised heavily on television, and rightly so. The four-seat Talons are the most sporty and technological normally aspirated UTVs on the market. We tested the 1000X-4 in our January issue and […]

2020 HONDA TALON 1000X-4

Honda’s sport UTVs were the sport’s most eagerly anticipated machines partly because enthusiasts had to wait so long for them, but mainly because of Honda’s track record for offering outstanding quality, engineering and performance. Honda wasn’t trying to build suspense. It spends more time testing and developing its vehicles than other manufacturers, and it’s time […]