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2021 YAMAHA UTVS Yamaha’s lineup has been on the conservative side as of late, especially when compared to the other big manufacturers, but there are some important updates to the 2021 Yamaha UTVs. For a handful of years now, it’s been the pure-sport machine in the YXZ, a utility in the Viking and the Wolverine in the middle. However, there are lots of versions of those three models to choose from. They don’t have a 50-inch-wide SxS for tighter trails or anything with long travel, a standard turbo, or a four-seat…


-- 4-SEATER THAT COMES WITH MANY EXTRAS AT A GOOD PRICE -- For many UTVers, the machine you can afford isn’t always the one you’re dreaming of. To get big displacement power, you may have to go with a very basic base model. Getting the features and accessories you want may mean you’ll be driving a mid-sized machine. Hisun’s Sector 1000 Crew is a feature-loaded big-bore UTV that’s also affordable. HOW DOES COST COMPARE? The Sector 1000 Crew is $15,999 or $16,299 in camo. Keep in mind, the price includes a winch,…

2018 Yamaha Wolverine X4

The handling and capability of Yamaha's new sport utility vehicle showcased in beautiful North Carolina.

Off Road Expo: 2018 Pro Armor Builds

Although the UTV presence is much less prominent than the trucks and jeeps, Pro Armor had two new 2018 RzR builds on full display at this weekends Off Road Expo in Pamona, CA. Ghost Gray RzR Build XP4 Baja Asylum Roll Cage- No Intrusion XP4 Pocket Roof Front Asylum Windshield Rear Asylum Windshield Front Race Bumper Front Bumper Skid Assault Steering Wheel- 14" D-Shape Steering Wheel Hub Traditional Paddle Latch Doors XP1K Door Knee Pads (front) XP1K Door Knee…