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Polaris General Overland Build By Fuel UTV: Video

Ryan O'Hara, Fuel’s UTV events manager, has built a Polaris General that has caught the attention of the industry. His Overland build has already won best of show at Camp RZR and the AZ Offroad Expo. What’s even more impressive are the details of the build.

Off Road Expo: 2018 Pro Armor Builds

Although the UTV presence is much less prominent than the trucks and jeeps, Pro Armor had two new 2018 RzR builds on full display at this weekends Off Road Expo in Pamona, CA. Ghost Gray RzR Build XP4 Baja Asylum Roll Cage- No Intrusion XP4 Pocket Roof Front Asylum Windshield Rear Asylum Windshield Front Race Bumper Front Bumper Skid Assault Steering Wheel- 14" D-Shape Steering Wheel Hub Traditional Paddle Latch Doors XP1K Door Knee Pads (front) XP1K Door Knee…