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-- Can-Am Sponsored Event -- King of the Hammers has grown to be known as the toughest UTV race on the planet. However, there is only one name who has figured out how to conquer the now 160-mile rock and desert event—Guthrie. Mitch Guthrie and his co-driver Mitch Jr. have won the grueling event six times. Five of the wins saw Mitch Jr. in the passenger seat learning the ropes. After winning his second consecutive KOH in 2019, it looks as though Mitch Jr. has taken over the reins and is filling up the record books on his…


An epic battle of Father versus Son. One of the toughest courses on earth, designed to chew up racers and spit them back out, only egg's on the Guthrie boys. Mitch senior only races one race, and his son is out to take the crown. Who will be crowned King of The Hammers?


-- UTVs take on the toughest race ever -- The first week of February, off-road enthusiasts converge on California’s Means Dry Lake by the tens of thousands to watch the spectacle known as King of the Hammers. Over the years, this Ultra-4 truck race has expanded with races for other classes of 4x4s, UTVs and dirt bikes (King of the Motos). After Shannon Campbell won both the 10th KOH UTV race and the Ultra-4 4400-class races in 2017, promoter and course designer Dave Cole promised the 2018 KOH UTV course would be the…

Who Claimed the Title Of the King?

A Family Affair It isn’t uncommon to find families enjoying weekends in the desert with their UTVs, and King of the Hammers (KOH) is no exception. Just as the recreational market for these machines has exploded, so has UTV racing. Now the largest class during the week-long series of races, multiple generations of the Guthrie, Greaves, Campbell, Gomez, and Currie families showed up to battle it out in the Can-Am UTV King of the Hammers presented by HCR. UTVs have become markedly more capable each year, and their drivers have…