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ASSAULT HONDA TALON When you own an accessory manufacturing business as popular as Assault Industries (AI), keeping up with the latest fitments, model changes and trends is a full-time job in itself. Testing what you build to make sure it’s up to AI’s quality standards is still work but is also considered a perk of the job. The Assault Honda Talon project machine is a test mule for Assault Industries' latest products for Honda's popular sport UTV. We invited owner Marcelo…


-- Testing  the 30x10-14 EFX MotoHammer tire & KMC XD Machete wheel kit for the YXZ1000R -- This is one of several tire and wheel sets Yamaha has tested extensively for the YXZ1000R models. The EFX MotoHammer is an 8-ply-rated tire for hard and intermediate terrain that’s also DOT approved for road use. We tested the kit on a 2019 YXZ1000R SS SE to see how it performs. The kit retails for $1,781.99, which is competitive with other aftermarket sources for the same tires and wheels. Since the tires come mounted to the…

Sand Hollow- WORCS Race Headquarters!

Voted the most beautiful race in America! Round 5 of the 2018 WORCS Series is heading to beautiful Sand Hollow State Park located in Hurricane UT. Join us April 27th-29th for an exciting weekend of racing!