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 This year is off to a good start and the Orange County Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa, California will welcome back the Sand Sports Super Show September 17-19th to kick off dune season. However to put a close to last season, the fairgrounds will also host an offroad swap meet May 22nd. This will give you […]

2018 Wild Cat XX vs. The Speed Cat 77

There hasn’t been much information circulating about the Wild Cat XX since it has not yet been released on the market. Though there are photos that can be found online, the only version our staff has actually seen in person to prove its tangibility is Robby Gordon’s  Speed Cat 77 race vehicle. It is a […]


— Polaris’ all-new General 1000 EPS is a huge hit with UTV Action, and we discover new aspects of its capabilities every time we drive it. It’s a fantastic rock crawler with its excellent Engine Braking System (EBS), letting it idle over gnarly rock ledges and down drop-offs, and it crawls at a walking pace […]

Are the Oceano Dunes in Danger?

Pismo, Oceano Dunes, SLO Dunes, or whatever name you have given it, has been a beloved California OHV riding spot for decades.  Residents who live near the Oceano Dunes OHV area in San Luis Obispo, CA have been in dispute for years over the “health concerns” caused by the dust kicked up in the riding […]

New Brand on the Scene: BRAVEN OFF-ROAD

Tire Mart, Inc. has been distributing innovative products for more than half a century and BRAVEN Branded products are simply an extension of our commitment to innovation, quality and integrity. We are committed to introducing new quality products to the market via our wholesale business and private brands. Since inception, Braven® branded tires have been […]

Where-to-Ride: The Legends Rally Baja

    If you are a hardcore UTV fan and would love to go on a luxury vacation that was centered around an epic ride and amazing food, then The Legends Rally in Baja is perfect for you. The three-day 350-mile ride, also called the lazo de playa, is a guided Mexico trail ride that […]


BiKASE, a company that designs and manufactures accessories for people on the go, is launching the CoolKASE, its newest product on August 1, 2018. The CoolKASE is a soft cooler that keeps items as cold or colder than most hard coolers and is mountable to bicycles, ATV’s, Scooters, Kayaks, and other modes of transportation. People […]

GMZ Kahuna Tire & Casino Wheels test

— GMZ Race Products is a company whose three co-founders have more than 40 years of racing experience in karting, off-road trucks, ATVs, UTVs and NASCAR, and they back their products with race-sponsorship programs. With CAD design and testing with top off-road racers, GMZ tires and wheels are durable performers for the ATV and UTV […]

Honda Pioneer 1000-5 FULL TEST!

Honda’s Pioneer 1000 got the whole UTV world’s attention for a bunch of good reasons. A liter-class UTV from Honda is news right off the bat. Its unique, six-speed, paddle-shift transmission with full auto mode creates all kinds of new possibilities and offers extra toughness for sport driving and work. The engine’s and transmission’s potential […]

WHAT IT TAKES TO WIN: A racer and her machines

Corry Weller is no joke on a race track, and her SR1 championships in short course racing prove that. Weller’s hunger to race began in 2001 where she pitted herself against male racers on motocross tracks. Around the time the Yamaha Rhino came into fruition in 2004 as a 2005 model, Corry and her husband […]