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Lucas Oil Ends Off Road Racing Series 

After considerable discussion, Lucas Oil Products has made the difficult decision to discontinue its ownership and operation of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series. Since 2009, the series has served as the preeminent platform for this exciting motorsport discipline, and has been widely recognized as the world’s premier short course off road racing championship series for more than a decade. The announcement also includes the discontinuation of the Lucas Oil Regional Off Road Series.  “The Lucas Oil Off Road…

The 2018 UTV World Champs!

A big year full of two time champs, underdog wins, and international victory. The 2018 UTV World Championships did not disappoint for fans, and gave a few drivers a good points advantage for the season.

WHAT IT TAKES TO WIN: A racer and her machines

Corry Weller is no joke on a race track, and her SR1 championships in short course racing prove that. Weller's hunger to race began in 2001 where she pitted herself against male racers on motocross tracks. Around the time the Yamaha Rhino came into fruition in 2004 as a 2005 model, Corry and her husband Jason Weller had a feeling that a new bench mark in the off road industry was about to begin, so they started a company called Weller Racing. They focused on building UTV racing engines and by doing so, they built a brand…