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MOOSE PLOW LIFT MAST Moose Utility Division introduces the new Moose Plow Lift Mast Kit. This new kit was created to help with the angle of your winch cable to your plow. It eliminates a cable having to be hooked to front bumpers or racks. The strong steel powder coat brackets work with all RM4, RM5 and standard plow systems. It takes strain off of the cable and eases lifting of the plow, which in turn extends your winch cable life and it also provides smooth operation. It’s an easy installation as it bolts on top of…


APROVE RZR TRAILBLAZER FRONT BUMPER The Aprove RZR Trailblazer front bumper is designed to offer strength, aesthetic style, and maximum front end protection, making your Polaris RZR XP 1000 or RZR XP Turbo stand out in every aspect. Powder coated in black, the lightweight steel bumper is engineered to enhance both durability and styling. This bumper is also tested to endure harsh use, protecting your grill and front plastic from potential damage so you can better enjoy your ride. No drilling, cutting, or trimming…


NEW UTV PRODUCTS FROM TUCKER UTV enthusiasts are always looking to upgrade and accessorize their zooters for a better riding experience. Jamborees are a great place for us to see the latest and greatest from the UTV aftermarket, but COVID-19 has temporarily postponed the jamboree season. UTV Action hit the Tucker dealer show in Fort Worth to see the new UTV products from Tucker. To Australians, “tucker” is food, so here are the top 20 dishes Tucker served up at the cow-town convention center. Enjoy! …

Polaris Pro HD 4500 Winch

If you are looking for an easy to install, full featured winch for your new Polaris, this is it.