Team Bolt-Ons produces dune lifestyle apparel and the new Team Bolt-Ons roll-up tool bag is perfect for UTVs. The black tool bags come with gray, orange, red or black reflective piping and two adjustable nylon straps for those who want a convenient way to carry UTV tools.


Unrolled, the tool bag has 22 pockets with elastic fabric to hold hand tools, along with an elastic center strip for securing longer tools. Two end pockets have hook-and-loop closures and hold an air pump or socket caddy, and three pockets for measuring tape, flat-fix kit and an LED work light. 

Quick-release plastic clasps for nylon roll-up straps and the reusable zip-ties make it easy to deploy your tools, and the carry handle is also convenient.


Rolled up, the tool bag has two attached nylon straps with adjustable plastic clasps for securing your tools in a handy roll a little bigger than a roll of paper towels. The two nylon straps also have sewn-in steel hoops for hanging the tool bag under your UTV’s seat, especially the front cross tube under an X3 seat. Each tool bag comes with two Grip Lock reusable zip-ties with rubber backing for hanging under your seat.   


Anyone who builds their own UTV tool bag for adventure or racing will appreciate the Team Bolt-Ons roll-up tool bag.

Unrolled, the go bag has 22 compartments for hand tools and two end pockets for socket caddies, pumps, flat-fix kits, LED lights, and tape.


The roll-up tool bag is also called the go bag, as it’s fast and easy to undo the grip-lock zip-ties, unfasten the straps and unroll the bag. It is a bit more time-consuming to rehang the go bag with the rubberized zip-ties, but it stays in place and out of the way until needed again. The nylon strap’s anchor strap also forms a carry handle for the tool wrap.


Team Bolt-Ons has a well-designed and very functional tool wrap with a built-in carry handle and system. We really like being able to hang the Go-Bag under the seat and know it’s secure there, but it is also easy to retrieve and unroll for trailside repairs. Duners will especially appreciate it not flying up over jumps. Once you’ve got your tools selected and organized, we suggest trimming the excess nylon straps for a cleaner look. Team Bolt-Ons has even reduced the price to $40. 


RATING: ★★★★

PRICE: $40

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