TEAM® Industries Introduces the SmartPlow™ System


DETROIT LAKES, MN – TEAM® Industries Inc. is making plowing with an ATV or utility vehicle easier than ever with the introduction of its SmartPlow System, which automatically raises and lowers the plow blade as the vehicle’s operator shifts between forward and reverse.

 “The SmartPlow System allows an operator to concentrate on driving the vehicle, making snow plowing more efficient,” said David Osterman, General Manager of the TEAM Industries Aftermarket Division. “It’s almost like having a second set of hands that continually adjusts the plow blade height.” 

The easy-to-install SmartPlow System automatically raises the plow blade when the vehicle is put into reverse, and it lowers the blade to a height pre-set by the operator when the vehicle is shifted into a forward gear. The operator simply sets the plow blade at the desired plowing height, pushes the “Set” button and the SmartPlow System does the rest. The operator can also manually control the plow blade height with the SmartPlow System installed on the vehicle.

 Efficiency and versatility. The SmartPlow System speeds the snow plowing process because the operator no longer has to stop to manually adjust the plow. The SmartPlow™ System also reduces the risk of damaging winches and cables.

 The new SmartPlow System can be installed on numerous ATV and utility vehicle makes and models, including Polaris, Yamaha, Arctic Cat, Bombardier, Honda and Kawasaki. It installs easily and can be used with all types of plow blades and winches.

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