A special fifth round of the $275,000 short-course series


Texas’ premier UTV racing series is rapidly evolving, and after 2 1/2 years of calling TexPlex Park home, the Texas Outlaw UTV race series moves across the Dallas Metroplex to Oak Hill MX Raceway. The fifth round of the 10-round short-course series would also be the Youth World Championships, which would crown four champions.

Oak Hill MX is a much smaller facility than TexPlex with red-clay soil, oak/hickory woods on rolling hills and lush grass for grazing cattle. The 302-acre plot is also a oil/gas lease. While it shares a motocross background with TexPlex, Oak Hill has a single international-level motocross track with a covered starting gate with picnic tables. A UTV short-course track was laid out beside the bike circuit, and it is part high-speed Champ-style and part tight and technical with many turns and tabletops. There are also several ponds for filling the two water trucks, which worked constantly to keep dust down. The facility has 190-plus RV campsites with hook-ups and a workshop for equipment maintenance and repair. It also has a Stacyc bicycle track and playground; check it out at www.oakhillmx.com.

Oak Hill MX is the new home of the $275,000 Texas Outlaw UTV series, and a long start straight leads to a chicane. Collin Truett holeshot both Pro Stock motos, leading Cross Kirchmeier (right) and Chase Carr (hidden) here.



While the Youth 170 and 250 classes had a special three-race format with a qualifier before the two main races, the adult classes were split over two days of racing. Their shorter first moto was on Saturday and the longer tie-breaker moto on Sunday, complete with a mid-race yellow flag to tighten the field in the two Pro classes.

After a land-rush start like Crandon, the Oak Hill short-course has two S-turns leading into a high-speed back straight, a couple of tabletops and a short woods section. The Millers adapted nicely to the new circuit, trading moto wins and going 1-2, with Hunter (2) topping Cody (1).


In the Outlaw Youth class, Code St. Peter was the quickest to learn the new track. He handily won the qualifier and led every lap of the second race, turning his fastest lap after the white flag, a 2:19.800. He won ahead of Becker Chase and Grayson Poppert. Code again jumped out front in the final but dropped out after the halfway point. Poppert would win over Flores, but St. Peter took the overall championship. In Youth 250 4-8, St. Peter dominated in his second RZR 170 for a perfect score and second World Championship.

After the woods section, the course has a series of 90- and 180-degree turns with tabletops in between. Chase Mankin (101) dominated the Limited Stock 1000 12+ class with a 1-1 but tipped his other RS1 while leading the first Stock Expert race. Look for a build feature on his RS1s soon.


In Youth 250 9–13, Jackson Mandle scored a perfect 1-1-1 for the championship, but second and third were up for grabs. Cash Martinez and Becker Chase were 2-3 in the qualifier, and they swapped positions in the second race. Lane Schultz stepped it up in the final for second ahead of Martinez. When the roost cleared, Martinez and Schultz filled out the podium. Dirk Schultz took the Stock 170 championship.

Chaos broke out at the start of the second Pro Stock race, with Koen Crawford and Nick Burnham both climbing Talon wheels and doing mongo bicycles. Chase Carr (913) would challenge Truett for the lead in both races only to have heat issues.



Team Carr One was there in force with Chase Carr in Pro Stock, Chase Mankin and Cruz Birchard in Stock Expert, and Mankin was also contesting Limited Stock 12+ in a second RS1. Team Miller Brothers Racing had four Pro Outlaw X3s wheeled by Cody and Hunter Miller, Cody Taylor, and Ben Fournier. Cross Kirchmeier would do double duty in Pro Outlaw and Pro Stocks.

The back section has a huge banked sweeper with an outside cushion providing plenty of flying roost. Nick Burnham sits fifth in Pro Stock points at the series midpoint. He was seventh overall with a 6-6 weekend.


Pro Stocks were up first, and 2020 Texas champion Collin Truett jumped into the lead in his RS1, but Chase Carr had taken the lead after a few turns and getting by Koen Crawford. Carr led for six laps, but his RS1 succumbed to the Texas July heat, dropping a cylinder and going into limp mode. Truett and Cross Kirchmeier got by Chase. In the second moto, Truett again jumped out front, this time ahead of Shawn Hess and Carr. Hess later hit a tractor-tire corner marker and broke, and Carr got shuffled back to fifth at one point before charging back up to third, then heat struck again. He dropped to seventh in the race, while Truett won and Cross barely held off Eddie Ensign at the checkers. Truett dominated with a 1-1, Cross Kirchmeier was second with a 2-2, and brother Curtis was third with a 5-4.

Racing was intense in all classes, including Stock Experts, with Landon and Luke Safrit taking first and third overall. Several tabletops marked the short-course, and the faster racers wanted them to be bigger still.


Racing was intense in Pro Outlaws, with Cody Taylor jumping out front ahead of Cody and Hunter Miller. Cody Miller took the lead on the second lap, and Hunter also got by Taylor. Two laps later Hunter would get the defending champ, who would fight back with a 1:59.282 on the last lap but would come up 1.77 seconds short at the checkers. Ben Fournier would take third in the heat. In Sunday’s Pro Outlaw race, Cody Miller got the jump but went wide in the first turn, opening the door for Taylor to again lead early. The champ wasn’t to be denied, as he passed Taylor and led every lap, turning in a heater 1:52.046 as he got the white flag. Cross Kirchmeier was also on fire, moving up from fifth to take second away from Hunter late in the race. Hunter would get the overall with a 1-3 over brother Cody’s 4-1, and Kirchmeier was third with a 5-2.

Chase Mankin jumped out from in the first Stock Expert heat, but Cruz Birchard was hard on his tail. Cruz turned an insane 01:55.923 on the fourth of seven laps to close on Chase, and Mankin tipped it over in a chicane, losing the lead to Birchard. Reese Harris took second in his Talon ahead of Mankin. In the second moto, Lake Edwards jumped out front ahead of Mankin, but Levi Dekeyrel got the lead by the end of a chaotic lap only to drop to seventh the next lap. Mankin took points ahead of Landon and Luke Safrit, the latter turning a 1:54.925 later in the race. Landon, Chase and Luke went 1-2-3 in the race and overall. Mankin would get the Limited Stock 12+ class win with a 1-1 and a 1:59.882 fast lap. 

Code St. Peter of Whitney, Texas, won the Youth 250 5-8 Limited Stock class with a 2-2 score, and Jameson Mandle of Acton, California, was second overall with a 1-3. Grayson Poppert rounded out the podium.




Oak Hill, Alvard, TX

Pro Outlaws

1. Hunter Miller/C-A 1-3

2. Cody Miller/C-A 4-1

3. Cross Kirchmeier/Hon 5-2

4. Ben Fournier/C-A 3-4

5. Cody Taylor/C-A 2-5

Pro Stocks

1. Collin Truett/Pol 1-1

2. Cross Kirchmeier/Hon 2-2

3. Curtis Kirchmeier/Hon 5-4

4. Chase Carr/Pol 3-7

5. Eddie Ensign/Hon 8-3

Outlaw Experts

1. David Nevrotski/C-A 1-1

2. Levi Dekeyrel/Hon 3-3

3. Donovan Wills/C-A 2-4

4. Austin Dinger/C-A 5-2

5. Mickey Schroeder/C-A 4-5

Expert Stock

1. Landon Safrit/Pol 1-1

2. Chase Mankin/Pol 3-2

3. Luke Safrit/Pol 3-3

4. Lake Edwards/Hon 2-4

5. Cruz Birchard/Pol 1-5

Limited Stock 1000 Age 12+

1. Chase Mankin/Pol 1-1

2. Riley Cadenhead/Pol 5-2

3. Tyler Hicks/Pol 4-3

4. Landyn Poppert/Pol 3-5

5. Kendall Hawks/Hon 2-7

Vet 40+ Outlaw

1. Jubal Cheatwood/C-A 1-2

2. Todd Anders/C-A 5-1

3. Chris Donald/C-A 2-4

4. David Holybee/C-A 4-3

5. Thomas Lewis/C-A 3-5

Vet 40+ Stock

1. Marcus Callahan/Yam 1-1

2. Terry Lackey/Pol 2-2

3. George Ramirez/Yam 3-4

4. Chad Williams/Yam 6-3

5. Byron Mowery/Yam 5-5

Outlaw Amateur

1. John Gaskill/C-A 1-1

2. Jordon Colichia/C-A 2-2

3. Chris Donald/C-A 2-4

4. Nick Collins/C-A 3-5

5. Todd Anders/C-A 6-3

Stock Amateur

1. Kaden Isabella/Pol 1-1

2. Blake Helms/Pol 2-2

3. Kamber Kirchmeier/Hon 3-3

4. Kyle Beddow/Pol 4-4

5. Landyn Poppert/Pol 6-5

Outlaw Women

1. Racheal Cheatwod/C-A 1-1

2. Lacy Tewksbury/C-A 2-2

Stock Women

1. Josslyn Ware/Pol 1-2

2. Liz Ramirez/A-C 2-3

3. Sarah Schultz/A-C 3-4

Youth Outlaw

1. Code St. Peter/Pol 1-1

2. Becker Chase/Pol 4-2

3. Avery Sides/Pol 3-5

4. Jackson Mandle/Pol 2-6

5. Grayson Poppert/Pol 6-3

Youth 250 9-12 LTD Stock

1. Jackson Mandle/Pol 1-1

2. Mia Cotto/Pol 2-4

3. Damien Shamblin/Pol 3-5

4. Cash Martinez/Pol 7-2

5. Becker Chase/Pol 6-3

Youth 250 5-8 LTD Stock

1. Code St. Peter/Pol 2-2

2. Jameson Mandle/Pol 1-3

3. Grayson Poppert/Pol 4-5

4. Tucker Berza/Pol 7-4

5. Slade Dowden/Pol 11-1


After 5 of 10 rounds

Outlaw Pro

1. Cody Miller/C-A 188/1

2. Hunter Miller/C-A 183/3

3. Cody Taylor/C-A 161

4. Ben Fournier/C-A 153

5. Kory Willis/C-A 134

6. Kyle Chaney/C-A 77/1

Pro Stock

1. Collin Truett/Pol 194/3

2. Cross Kirchmeier/Hon 189/2

3. Chase Carr/Pol 171

4. Koen Crawford/Yam 158

5. Nick Burnham/Pol 150

Collin Truett leads Pro Stock points by 5 over Cross Kirchmeier, and both have been on every 2022 podium. Cross shared the round-five podium with brother Curtis and was third Pro Outlaw behind the Miller brothers.



1. Midlothian, TX PT H. Miller/C-A,

PS C. Truett/Pol

2. Midlothian, TX PT H. Miller/C-A,

PS C. Truett/Pol

3. Midlothian, TX PT C. Miller/C-A,

PS Cross Kirchmeier/Hon

4. Midlothian, TX PT K. Chaney/C-A,

PS Cross Kirchmeier/Hon

5. Decatur, TX PT H. Miller/C-A, PS C. Truett/Pol

6. Sept. 10 Oak Hill Raceway/Decatur, TX

7. Sept. 11 Oak Hill Raceway/Decatur, TX

8. Oct. 8 Oak Hill Raceway/Decatur, TX

9. Oct. 9 Oak Hill Raceway/Decatur, TX

10. Nov. 12 Oak Hill Raceway/Decatur, TX*

*Double points race

Contact www.outlawseries.com

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