TexPlex Park in Midlothian hosts the $200,000 Texas UTV Racing Series, and in June the Texas UTV racing series round 5 marked the midway point of the 10-round series. TexPlex is the home track of Cody and Hunter Miller, and the vast facility is even located on Miller Road, so it’s no coincidence that the Miller brothers have been dominating the Pro Turbos for the past season and into this one. The NA 1000 Pros have also provided great racing with factory Polaris athlete Ronnie Anderson and youngster Kainan Baker battling for the win in each round. Heading into round five, Anderson had won the first two weekends, and Baker fought back to win the third and fourth rounds.Having many motocross courses and an MX race series, TexPlex has a unique UTV racing format. Each class has two Saturday races, with the shorter first “moto” having split starts and separate scoring on elapsed time. The fastest wave winner gets first gate pick for the longer second moto. The two races are then scored together, with the lowest total being declared the winner, like in the MX of Nations. TexPlex uses the AMA motocross national scoring system, with first overall getting 25 points, second earning 22, third getting 20, fourth earning 18 and fifth getting 16. From sixth to last, there is a 1-point difference between places. Each series racer gets to drop his or her worst score before the final championship round.

Texas UTV racing series round 5

New for 2021, the course has seen some changes. The split rhythm section between turns one and two has been eliminated, and now it’s more of a chicane. Also, all but the pros start much closer to the first turn to decrease entry speed and increase safety. Pros have the traditional Crandon-style land-rush start with rollers. Pro Turbo 2020 contender Kyle Hart hasn’t competed in 2021, but Lucas Oil Midwest champion Kyle Chaney has taken over with four second-place finishes behind Cody and Hunter Miller. WORCS and LOORRS contenders Anderson, Corbin Leaverton, Cody Bradbury, Shawn Saxton and Chance Haugen have also joined the hot racing action.

Texas UTV racing series round 5
Texas UTV racing series round 5 Pro Turbo action was heated with Ronnie Anderson (52) winning heat one ahead of Hunter Miller (1), but Ronnie blew a belt in the longer heat two, and Hunter took his second overall victory of the season.
Texas UTV racing series round 5
Ryan Tewksbury won the Vet 40+ Turbos with a 1-1 ahead of Rusty Pipes (left), and he sits third in series points with two wins. However, Tewksbury got spun out on the start of heat one of the Turbo Experts and also had a bad heat two; he was sixth with 8-4 scores.


At Pro Turbo round five, Ronnie Anderson won his wave in heat one, and Cody Miller won his wave, while Hunter and Chaney were both second. Anderson took the holeshot away from Cody Taylor (C-A) in the longer second moto, but Hunter was quickly into the lead. Anderson dogged Hunter for the lead to the midway point, but then blew a belt in his Turbo S and DNF’d. Hunter turned a 02:37.784 on lap three in the battle with Ronnie and gapped the field when Anderson retired. Chaney took over second, with Taylor third and Cody Miller fourth. For the overall, Hunter scored a 2-1 to win his second Pro Turbo round and pass second-place Chaney in series points. Cody Miller’s 1-4 was good for third overall; he leads with three wins and two other podiums at the midway point of the season.

Kyle Chaney (91) and Cody Taylor (48) battled hard over second in the second Pro Turbo race, with Chaney taking second and second overall with a 2-2 score. Cody Miller was third for the day and still leads series points.
Lake Edwards went 2-1 in NA 1000 Experts to take the win over Landin Safrit (Pol) and Rett Byrne (Pol). At, the halfway point of the series Chase Carr (Pol) leads class points with four wins ahead of Byrne and Safrit.

In NA 1000 Pros, there weren’t enough entries for split starts in heat one, so Baker and Anderson settled into their battle for the lead until Ronnie put his RS1 on its top. Defending champion Collin Truett passed Cross Kirchmeier for second on the last lap of the heat to get second gate pick for the longer second heat. In the main, Truett looked to have the hot line but tangled with Koen Crawford (Yam), while Anderson tucked inside to take the holeshot. Anderson took the lead ahead of Baker and pulled away by about two seconds a lap, dominating the main. Kirchmeier got past Baker on the last lap for second, but Baker’s 1-3 scores were the best of the day, and Kirchmeier’s 3-2 was good for second overall. Anderson’s 6-1 put him third for the day, but his points on the day were good enough to keep the Pro NA points lead.

Alyanna Baker topped the Women’s Expert class ahead of Caitlynn Helms (Pol), and Baker leads series points.
Manny Esquivel topped the Turbo Experts ahead of Ben Fournier and Rusty Pipes. Can-Am took the top-11 positions in the class.

Entries totaled 151 for the Father’s Day weekend round, and three rounds remain at press time—September 25th, October 16th and the double-header on November 6-7th. We’ll have to wait and see which Miller will take home the $30,000 Pro Turbo championship bonus or if Chaney’s consistency can upset the Millers’ speed. Anderson and Baker are the favorites for the $30,000 Pro NA 1000 title, but Kirchmeier lurks close in third.

TexPlex also hosted a crawfish boil Friday night with 250 pounds of crawdads and put on family pit bike races. TexPlex is also a Can-Am Uncharted Society outfitter, and we saw several families renting Maverick Maxes for touring the off-road loops. Also, after five rounds, only one person has been undefeated; Levi De Kereyrel has topped the Absolute Stock 1000s in his Honda Talon with 1-1 scores at every round. 


Turbo UTV Pros

1. Hunter Miller/C-A 2-1

2. Kyle Chaney/C-A 2-2

3. Cody Miller/C-A 1-4

4. Kory Willis/C-A 3-5

5. Cody Taylor/C-A 6-3

6. Cody Bradbury/Pol 3-6

7. Ronnie Anderson/Pol 1-11

8. Curtis Kirchmeier/Hon 5-8

9. Chance Haugen/Pol 4-9

10. Corbin Leaverton/Pol 7-7

N/A UTV Pros

1. Kainan Baker/Pol 1-3

2. Cross Kirchmeier/Hon 3-2

3. Ronnie Anderson/Pol 6-1

4. Shawn Hess/Hon 5-4

5. Collin Truett/Pol 2-7

6. Koen Crawford/Yam 4-6

7. Jacob Gerken/Yam 7-5


After 5 of 10 rounds

Turbo UTV Pros

1. Cody Miller/C-A 117/3

2. Hunter Miller/C-A 104/2

3. Kyle Chaney/C-A 103

4. Kory Willis/C-A 79

5. Ronnie Anderson/Pol 63

N/A 1000 Pros

1. Ronnie Anderson/Pol 114/2

2. Kainan Baker/Pol 100/3

3. Cross Kirchmeier/Hon 95

4. Collin Truett/Pol 86

5. Shawn Hess/Hon 79

Turbo Experts

1. Rusty Pipes/C-A 104/2

2. Manny Esquivel/C-A 101/2

3. Cord Behrens/C-A 81

7. Ben Fortner/C-A 65/1

NA 1000 Experts

1. Chase Carr/Pol 116/4

2. Rett Byrne/Pol 96

3. Landon Safrit/Pol 90

10. Lake Edwards/Hon 43/1

Turbo Amateur

1. Reece Fuhlman/C-A 108/2

2. Payton Matt/C-A 95/1

3. Bobby Whitney/C-A 93

NA 1000 Amateur

1. Luke Safrit/Pol 107/2

2. Kamber Kirchmeier/Hon 97/1

Vet 40+ Turbo

1. Trey Thorton/C-A 107/1

2. Rusty Pipes/C-A 105/2

3. Ryan Tewksbury/C-A 94/2

Vet 40+ NA 1000

1. Terry Lackey/Pol 113/4

2. Christopher Brosco/Hon 107/1

3. Mike Buccafusco/Yam 83

Women Expert

1. Alyanna Baker/Pol 116/2

2. Bella Birchard/Pol 89/2

3. Rachel Cheatwood/C-A 89

6. Kendra Hoop/C-A 40/1

Women Amateur

1. Holly Mulligan/A-C 96/1

2. Brinley Tewksbury/Pol 81

3. Liz Ramirez/Ukn 77

4. Makenna Hanmer/Pol 72/2

9. Alexia Leaming/Pol

Under 900

1. Ross Schultz/Ukn 114/2

2. Blake Helms/Pol 97/3

3. Cruz Birchard/Pol 84

Absolute Stock 1000 12+

1. Levi De Kereyrel/Hon 125/5

2. Jace Leach/Pol 104

3. Payton Dowdy/Pol 54


1. Cruz Birchard/Pol 97/3

2. Lincoln Smiley/Pol 91/1

3. Callee Gaston/Pol 20\

Limited 250 5-8

1. Tucker Perza/Pol 101/1

2. Suzanna Butler/Pol 93/3

3. Tanner Thompson/Pol 91/1

Limited 250 9-12

1. Lennox Smiley/Pol 103/1

2. Mia Cotto/Pol 89

3. Lane Schultz/Pol 85

6. Dexter Warren/Pol 58/1

9. Ryder VanBeekum/Pol 50/2

10. Zoe Easton/Pol 47/1

250 Production

1. Code St. Peter/Pol 115/3

2. Hayden Snyder/Pol 61/1

3. Lorelei Arfsten/Pol 40

5. TJ Siewers/Pol 25/1

Stock 170

1. Harper Willis/Pol 117/2

2. Easton Helms/Pol 69/2

3. Karley Blackwood/Pol 25/1

See UTV Action’s full report on Cody and Hunter Miller’s X3’s here: CODY & HUNTER MILLERS’ WORCS X3 TURBOS – UTV Action Magazine

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