The ATV/UTV Games for Any UTV Enjoyer

Thanks to racing games you can feel the thrill that each rider has when they get out on the track. Minus the injuries. Developers seek inspiration in many ways and find them at sports events frequently. Some of them are UTV events which can be pretty exciting. That’s how they’ve come up with several UTV games that both gamers and UTV fans can enjoy. If you’re looking for such games, then here are some suggestions:


This is an off-road racing game with a quad bike and it’s a game you can enjoy on the PS3, PC as well as on Xbox. You’ll be able to pick your quad bike and take it across the world as you race in various locations. You’ve got a standard race mode where you’ll need to complete 3 laps and the freestyle mode where you’ll need to do as many tricks as you can before running out of gas. Finally, you’ve got the sprint mode which gives you fast races over 5 laps.

Racing and other sports events can be quite exciting, as mentioned before. That’s why they get lots of online coverage as well. Online sportsbooks make sure to cover various kinds of sports. This website is only one of the many that does this. The main thing to remember about enjoying such sites is to do so responsibly.

MX v ATV: All Out

Moto-cross racing is another dangerous sport that has fans all over the world. So, it’s no surprise that moto-cross bikes are put against UTVs in this title. The game lets you select the kind of vehicle you want for your next race and lets you adjust it to give yourself a boost the next time you enter a race.

You can win the races, beat your own time, and more in this game. Stunts are rewarded and will make the racing part of the gameplay much more interesting. Realistic graphics are also part of the mix as you go from track to track, racing to beat the opponents. All in all, MX v ATV: All Out is a game worth your time.

Dakar 2018

The Dakar Rally is an endurance race where people take the vehicle of their choice and make it through. Dakar 2018 takes that experience and brings it to your home whether on a PC, Xbox, or a PS4. You can go with a quad bike, a truck, or a car before you set out in the rally. You can race in various classes but be warned – the game is quite challenging as the terrain and weather won’t always be on your side. So, if you’re looking for a challenge then Dakar 2018 is the game for you. Don’t let the high-definition graphics fool you, this game packs a punch.


You’ve got more ATV/UTV games available online, but before you go browsing make sure to check these out as they’re pretty solid games. It’s not as exciting as a UTV event but it will keep you entertained for some time.

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