The Benefits of a Digital Vehicle Inspection Software for UTVs

UTV and other vehicle owners are always searching for the best transparency solutions at auto repair shops. While there is a growing demand for the auto repair industry, customers always prefer the lowest rates for the repair process.


This is exactly where the digital vehicle inspection software comes in; this technology streamlines the complete inspection process, in a transparent manner. It gives vehicle owners complete information on what repair is required.


Digital inspections are also important for auto repair shops and help strengthen the bond between customers and the business.


In our guide, we share why you should invest in a digital vehicle inspection software but first, we will help you understand what this software is.

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What Is A Digital Vehicle Inspection Software?


Most owners of recreational vehicles, like UTVs, SUVs, trucks, RVs, and motorhomes do not perform routine inspections of their vehicles. But that is a big mistake. The majority of these vehicles can be damaged by even small defects. If you do not regularly inspect your vehicle, you could have serious problems.


The main role of auto shops is to conduct vehicle inspections and diagnose the repairs or maintenance required for vehicle owners. But mostly, a vehicle inspection is recorded on paper by technicians and service advisors.


Digital vehicle inspections are vehicle inspections that are conducted by technicians using an electronic device or tablet. The best digital vehicle inspection software stores the results and shares it to customer profiles directly.


A digital inspection software lets you manage your to-do checklist, add your comments along with repair estimates, attach relevant media and share the documents with the customer once you are done.


When the vehicle inspection process is done manually, it takes more time and the chances of errors are also higher.


The advent of software or technology for digital vehicle inspections is a great milestone for the automotive repair industry. It supports in solving many operational problems that owners and managers of auto repair shops have faced.

Here’s a small summary of what da software for digital vehicle inspections does:


  • A digital vehicle inspection software records the vehicle inspection process electronically
  • It replaces the need for a traditional paper and pen with smartphones and tablets and eliminates the need for service writers
  • Technicians and service advisors can also add photos and videos of the digital inspection on the vehicle inspection app, for a vehicle owner
  • The vehicle owner or customer receives clear, concise, and transparent information about the repair required for his/her car


Automation and technology are the future of all industries, not just the automotive ones. However, buying any software or technology involves a cost outlay.


This means that you need to conduct a cost-benefit analysis before concluding whether the investment is feasible or not.


Up next, we discuss some of the benefits of investing in digital vehicle inspection software. This will help you gauge whether this technology is what you need built customer trust and streamline your operations.


Why Should You Invest in A Software For Digital Vehicle Inspections?


Digital vehicle inspections hold many benefits for both, customers and business owners in the automotive industry.


In this section, we will discuss how digital vehicle inspections can support you in improving your business operations for the repair of cars and UTVs and enhancing the customer experience.


Always remember, that building a strong relationship with customers is the key to customer retention and profits.



1. End to End Information At Your Fingertips


As a service advisor or a technician, a digital inspection can be the best to gauge vehicle health accurately and efficiently. The moment a vehicle rolls into the shop, using digital inspection a service advisor will have the complete information on it, at his fingertips.


Once the vehicle is accepted, the technician will be notified that the repair work for this vehicle is assigned to him. Once accepted, shop owners and technicians also receive complete inspection history of the vehicle within minutes.


The technician receives detailed information on the reported issues and the kind of inspection that is required by the customer. This saves time and supports the technician in giving the vehicle immediate attention for a short turnaround time.


Receiving complete information also helps the technician in making informed decisions for the customer’s vehicle.



2. Clear and Effective Communication with Vehicle Owners


Working with customers in the automotive industry is no easy task. When it comes to performing technical repairs, customers are also skeptical about the cost and the kind of repairs needed. It can become frustrating to explain the complete repair process to them.


Customers usually assume that you are overcharging them because they have a weak understanding of repairs. But using a digital vehicle inspection system will help them understand detailed cost.


A technician only has to attach photos and videos, and the customer will be better able to understand how the inspection was carried out for an average repair order. This way, you won’t need a service writer every time a customer walks in for an inspection.


All of this documentation is directly shared to the customer’s profile, which makes the process even more efficient and transparent and removes the need for service writers.


Transparency makes it easy for the customers to say yes to repairs which can increase your shop’s average repair order. A better average repair order is critical for auto repair businesses.


The digital world has made the complete repair system accessible with a mobile device. This is a great tool to build trust and grow your business with customers.


To build trust and improve value for customers, the technician can also add some well-thought-out recommendations along with the media on inspections. Value-added services with transparency are a great way to earn the attention of customers and retain them.


3. Streamlined Inspection Process



A digital vehicle inspection software can make the complete process of conducting inspections much easier, faster, and more reliable.


With features like track work, the ability to share photos with customers, and other support services, it’s a must-have for any shop looking to stay ahead of the curve. It can also build trust between employees and shop owners through the option to track services.


It also streamlines the process with other features like ordering parts needed in advance. It is also a great way to ensure consistency of quality for each customer, by eliminating errors and maintaining standards of procedure.


The ability to share images creates an effective communication channel, internally and externally.


Increased communication and the ability to do remote inspections can directly affect productivity. Some days things don’t go as smoothly as you’d like and unexpected setbacks appear.


How many times have you had a vehicle on a lift waiting for approval and it broke down for some reason and you had to take it down? How about having to call a service advisor to ask a question?


To communicate faster and more effectively with your service advisors and customers, you must be able to listen and empathize.


Making communication better for inspections of vehicles, improves the productivity of employees.


Easy-to-use automotive inspection software is a must-have tool for auto repair shops. However, with more than 20 models and makes of automobiles out there, each requiring different types of repairs, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the sheer number of vehicles you need to inspect. The best solution for this is a digital vehicle inspection technology. But which one?


You will have to conduct market research for the different options available in the market nowadays and then decide on one that best meets your business needs.

Wrapping it Up


A digital vehicle inspection software for UTVs is a tool that is necessary for auto repair shops. This is because the digital vehicle inspection software includes many helpful features which can make the complete process of repairing vehicles, more seamless and easier to conduct. Transparent and efficient repair services can also support forging long-term relationships with customers.


When it comes to digital vehicle inspection software, it is essential that you have to have the best and most efficient one. This is a tool that will be of great help for auto repair shops with its easy-to-use and apply features.

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