The Special Appeal of Spectating a UTV Race

If you’ve ever been to a UTV race then the chances are you will know how special and exciting it can be. UTV racing is possibly an underappreciated sport, but in some ways, we kind of like it like that – it makes it more special.

It’s not as mainstream as some of the other sports, but while you can use your MGM Bet 10 Win 200 promotions on big, commonly televised sports like NHL and NBA, UTV has its own appeal aside from the masses. UTV races are usually held in a variety of different classes, and provide fans and followers with the ideal way to get involved.

Upcoming events that people are getting excited about include the 17th annual King of the Hammers in Hammertown, to be held February 2-11, 2023. Visitors can enjoy a 10-day desert and rock crawling festival with loads of races, combined with plenty more entertainment away from the track. In October 2022, the Barstow California location will see the UTV World Championships take place on the west coast of America. So, what is it that makes UTV spectating so exciting? What’s the big appeal and why are these events continuing to grow every single year?

“It was a huge course, and it was a lot of fun,” said Jaxon Steele. “Dan Winecki, Tyler Hurlock and I battled it out the whole race, which made it really fun. This win means a lot to me.”

The Thrill of the Race

Virtually every type of race has some sort of thrilling appeal that is hard to describe, and there’s also an element of danger in the UTV race that can further add to spectators’ enjoyment. These race meets often give you the chance to watch tens or even hundreds of different events, as there are races in different classes and even in different age groups.

If you are the sort of person who enjoys watching Formula One or other forms of racing then these awesome vehicles are a great watch. Unlike racing on a perfect track, the drivers have to show the skill and composure to drive in some crazy terrains and environments, further adding to the excitement.

The Miller Bros. set out to race against the fastest class at King Of The Hammers, the 4400’s.

Awesome Locations

As the world championships show, there are some amazing locations that play host to these kinds of events. Barstow, California, is one of these awesome places and you can visit while following UTV racing.

A lot of the people who love the sport also have their own UTVs or other ATV vehicles, and often bring these along. It can turn into something of a race meet rather than just watching the others. This provides a real feeling of community, and you don’t get that with a lot of other motorsports.

A Festival of Fun

UTV races aren’t just about the race itself. In fact, depending on where you are located, you might not even see loads of racing. That means that you will need to find other things to fill your time, including food and drink, and lots of social activities.

Some UTV races even have stages for live music, with food trucks and plenty of bars and places to socialize. It is a bit like going to a music festival – sure, the music is great, but there are also a lot more activities to get involved in to fill your time while you are there. The same can definitely be said of big UTV races.


Learn about UTVs 

Okay, you can visit plenty of places online to read about the latest in UTVs, but it is always nice to see the vehicles in person and chat with other like-minded owners and enthusiasts. You can learn from both the drivers and from the other spectators who are there, and soak up lots of information as these are usually multiple-day events.

Rain soaked the black-clay track prior to race weekend, and defending Pro Turbo champ Hunter and points leader Cody Miller grooved and scuffed only their front Maxxis SC1 tires to get better turning traction.

They’re Often Free (or at least affordable)

Even some of the biggest UTV races are totally free to attend. Of course, you’ll want to take some money with you, but with no admission cost at some events, it makes it really easy to get involved with UTV racing.

How many fun, family-friendly events can you find that are cheap – or even free? This is one of the best things about following the sport, and if you find that you love it, you can attend plenty of events around the country. You don’t even have to own a UTV to go and enjoy these awesome events.

The Championship Off-Road Tour is the longest-running short-course series with twelve 2022 rounds, four of which are at the legendary Crandon International Raceway. Manufacturer support and television coverage make CORT the premiere short-course UTV series.


If you have some interest in UTV, having seen it online, watched videos or heard about it from friends, then it is well worth heading to a race to see if you enjoy the sport. There’s a different atmosphere at live events, and UTV could become your new favorite pastime.

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