The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide To Choosing Your Ideal ATV

You went to the countryside yesterday and saw a couple of dudes whizzing past you on their ATVs. It felt like they were cruising in the air, making the most of off-road trails. 

That is when the thought of owning an ATV struck you, which brought you here in this article.

While the thought of owning an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) can be exciting, you should know what you’re getting into before you buy. The Engine, price, customization, motocross gear – there can be many aspects. 

So, how do you know which ATV is right for you? Keep reading this article. You will find out!


The Engine is the heart of any machine, and ATVs are no different. There are different types of engines available in ATVs. 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines are common in today’s ATVs.

A 2-stroke engine is commonly used in ATVs these days. It does not use valves, unlike a regular car engine. The fuel mixture and air mixture are put together in a two-stroke engine. The piston initially compresses the fuel and air mixture. The piston then moves to the top of the cylinder, and the fuel is injected through the crankcase.

The 4-stroke Engine is the dominant Engine found in most all-terrain vehicles because it is light, compact, and easy to work on. In most cases, a 4-stroke engine will have a longer lifespan than a 2-stroke engine will. Compared to a 2-stroke engine, a 4-stroke engine will be more expensive and have higher power output and lower torque output. 

Needless to say, always go with an ATV with a 4-stroke engine for better control and performance. 


As a prospective buyer, you need to know how to check an ATV’s tires before buying them. The tires are the only contact you have with the road, so a thorough inspection is necessary.

When checking the tires, make sure you look at the tread of the tire. You will want to make sure that the tires are not worn below tread as it can cause many problems on the trails, which can make riding unsafe. When inspecting the tires, you will also want to check the number of piles.

Tip: It is advisable to go with all-terrain if you will be riding on different terrain. 


Gas or Electric?

There are two main types of ATVs: electric and gas. While gas ATVs are generally more powerful and have a longer range, electric ATVs are much quieter and can be used in populated areas. Gas ATVs can be quite expensive to maintain, but electric models normally stress your wallet less to maintain. They also make less noise compared to their gas counterparts. 

The Point: Go with a gas ATV if you need it for heavy performance. Go with an electric ATV if budget is an issue with you and you live in populated areas.


The price of an all-terrain vehicle fluctuates depending on the make and model. Since there are multiple brands of ATVs, the prices can vary widely. The purchasing price can be less if you buy a used or older model. The four-wheeler’s price can be more if you buy a brand new model with an automatic transmission. Usually, the price range for a used ATV is around $3,000 to $12,000. However, the price can vary depending on models, age, and condition.



The right accessories take an ATV from a vehicle to a multi-purpose machine. 

For example, If you are looking to buy a street variant ATV, you may need to add street-legal features to make it legal to ride it on the road. If you want to ride in the woods, you may need to invest in a racing seat customized to your body.

Either way, make sure that the ATV you’re buying has room for customization. Other customization options can include:

  • Plows
  • Speakers
  • Additional Storage
  • Lighting

Motocross Gear

It’s a crime (pun intended) to go on off-road trails without protective gear. You don’t know when a crash can happen, and it’s best to stay prepared. Below is the list of important motocross gear you MUST have:

  • Full-Size Helmet
  • Motocross Boots
  • Motocross Jackets
  • Motocross Pants
  • Chest protector
  • Motocross Goggles
  • Neck Brace
Bombardier Recreational Products Inc.

Some Amazing ATVs in The Market Right Now

  • CAN-AM DS 250
  • 2021 CFMOTO CFORCE 800 XC

Final Word

If you want to enjoy the best of both worlds (outdoors and adventures), an ATV can be your best bet. Take cues from this article on factors to consider while buying an ATV, and you should be good to go!

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