Dear Sarge,

I have a 2018 Polaris General EPS with a SuperATV 3” lift kit. I ride extensively on the Hatfield-McCoy trail system. I recently installed new Maxxis Carnivore Radial Tires in 30×10-14 on beadlock rims. At speed I am noticing a bit of imbalance. I have been told three different things. One is to have them balanced conventionally with stick on weights, or use Dyna Beads, ceramic weight beads or don’t worry about it because the Hatfield-McCoy isn’t exactly Baja! What method would you recommend Sarge?

Brad Levine

Williamson, West Virginia

Private Turpentine, I wish I lived in the heart of Hatfield-McCoy! So Boot, you have the lift kit and the jumbo aggressive tires on beadlock wheels and you have a vibration problem you have traced to the tires. Since most tire imbalances show up above 35 mph, I bet you rarely are above that speed for any length of time, so we are talking an annoyance factor here and not shaking your fillings out. I am assuming the tires were installed correctly with the balance point matching the valve stem. This works for the majority of people but if you still have vibration then I would recommend conventional balancing with a portable static bubble balancer and some stick on weights. You can generally requisition the balancer and a box of weights for the cost of one balancing in the Motor Pool. I am not a fan of the balancing beads. In my opinion the balancing beads only really work above 35 mph on Zooters. So most of the time on the Hatfield-McCoy, they will not be effective. Plus it is a bear forcing the BB’s down through the Schrader valve. It is far easier to install them after the tire is broken down. And I have heard reports of them clumping together after extended high speed operation. That, Pvt. Turpentine is My opinion! It is also my opinion that you should not be so sensitive and I think a Crucible like march is in order. And I bet Boot that by the time you reach “Parade Deck” you will no longer be so sensitive! Dismissed!

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