Dear Sarge,

My ranch has an abundance of Honey Locust trees and the thorns are really chewing up my OEM 2005 Ranger tires. I have tried Slime but it only slows down the leaks. And it doesn’t even touch the sidewall thorns. Is there something else I can add to these tires? They have plenty of tread left and I don’t want to have to replace them just yet.

Dennis Simpson,

Ripley, Colorado

Private Bart, you do realize your Zooter’s tires are 18 yrs old?! The tread may still be good but the rubber has hardened and you may well have dry rot. However if you must keep the tires instead of requisitioning new 8 ply tires, then you need to dismount all 4 tires. With all 4 tires apart, you need to hose out all that green goo thoroughly. Back in the day, I would have recommended PJ1 “Flat Seal”, but since it is no longer produced I am ordering you to requisition a gallon of Tire Sealant from Quadboss because it is the closest to the old PJ1 sealant here: https://www.amazon.com/Quadboss-Tire-Sealant-Single-Gallon/dp/B000WK454K/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8. Since your tires are now dismounted, it will be far easier to just measure out 32 oz and pour it into the open tires instead of remounting the tires and forcing the sealant through the tiny 1/8” Schrader valve. While the Quadboss sealant is permanent, I suspect your tires will fall apart much sooner! When you dismount that 1st tire/rim assembly, I am ordering you to pick the assembly up over your head and run around your home 3 times screaming “I WILL NOT REPLACE MY TIRES”! Dismissed!

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