BUYER’S GUIDE: Top 10 Can-Am Maverick Upgrades you MUST have!

The Can-Am Maverick 1000 has been making a strong statement as a worthy racer. Multiple WORCS podiums, a recent SCORE championship, and a recent win in the infamous Mint 400 bode well for the brand-new factory turbocharged edition. All this combined with near dominance in the GNCC series is earning the Maverick a solid reputation in every UTV racing organization worldwide. Ready to take yours to the track and see what you got? Check out our top-10 list of what it takes to successfully go race a Maverick.


These guys know UTV racing, and they know what it takes to win. If you’re looking for a serious race cage, give Pro MotorSports in Phoenix, Arizona, a call. They build full bolton race cages with trick doors that open for maintenance, etc., yet can be bolted shut to be legal for most racing organizations. A Pro Motorsports cage includes the rear bumper and can be made of DOM or lightweight chromoly. Options like the opening doors, relocating the radiator and custom window nets are only a phone call away.
Price: Starts around $2000. or call (877) 448-7776.44


In conjunction with Pro Motorsports and driver Matt Hancock, Elka Suspension has developed a pro-level shock setup that works with the stock Maverick suspension components. The 2.5-inch Stage 5 shocks feature the same high-flow valving, lighter-weight bodies and coil springs as their championship-winning ATV counterparts. Matt’s steady string of top-five and podium finishes are a great testimony as to how well these shocks are truly working.
Price: $4280

summers bros

The sock Maverick has an ignition cut-out that cuts power when it senses extreme wheelspin. This is used to save the CVs from snapping when a driver lands from a jump on the throttle. Most racers bypass this feature, as it has a tendency to make the Maverick’s front end drop out off of bigger jumps. If your Maverick has this cut-out bypassed, a supertough set of Summers Brothers axles are the best insurance available against broken axles.
Price: $184 fronts, $192 rears


If you’re serious about racing UTVs, then you need Tireblocks’ run-flat technology to keep your Maverick racing for the finish line. These foam blocks are amazing for adventure touring as well. No need to carry a spare or a jack— regardless of where your ride takes you—when you arm your tires with foam.
Price: $600

IMG_BreastCancer bumper

These guys raced WORCS and Lucas on their custombuilt Mavericks, and they know what it takes to keep one together. The IMG bumper was designed out of steel, mounts under the bed platform and then reinforces the rear link-arm pivot points. The IMG bumper not only protects from impacts, it also keeps the whole rear suspension system from pulling apart at the frame. Price: $349
Price: $4280

Sparks x6

The full-system X6 racing exhaust from Curtis Sparks is the pipe to have if you’re looking for big power and extreme durability. The X6 is built almost entirely from stainless steel and features two large packed muffler cans to keep heat and sound to a minimum.
Price: $995

IMG nerfs cropped

A good set of nerf bars can keep your Maverick free from side damage or keep it from getting tangled up with the competition. IMG’s steel-construction nerf bars feature a bolt-on design that is strong enough to stand on while entering your car, yet stylish at the same time.
Price: $249

IMG Mud guards

The inferior stock plastic mud guards found on the rear of the Maverick are known to melt on the exhaust. When your guards crack, melt or otherwise become useless, don’t replace them with the same brittle plastic. IMG makes CNC-machined aluminum replacement mud guards that look trick and will hold up for the life of your ride.
Price: $99 or (951) 471-1615

IMG HD rear 5th link-1

The Maverick’s unique rear-suspension setup uses an extra linkage compared to the more common four-link setup. This fifth link’s tendency to break has earned it a reputation as the “weak link.” The guys at IMG have developed a heavy-duty, billet-aluminum-construction replacement “upgrade” link with super-tough, high-end FK heim joints on both ends. This fifth link is the last one you will ever buy and adds a lot of confidence to the Maverick suspension platform.
Price: $199

IMG Tierods

While the fifh link is the problem child of the Maverick’s rear suspension, the tierods have proven to be the only real issue up front. IMG addressed the problem in the same way, and now sells standard-length, heavy-duty, billet-aluminum tierods. These super-strong tie-rods use quality FK rod ends, just like the fifth link.
Price: $249

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