Top 4 Most Expensive Polaris Ranger Accessories

Do you own a Polaris Ranger? If you do, then you will probably be looking to make some additions. Things like speakers, storage boxes, or even new seating if you can stretch your leg out. The market is huge, with an array of aftermarket parts that could cost you a lot of extra cash. These are the four most expensive Polaris Ranger Accessories.

Kolpin Rear Panel

If you are driving in areas with lots of snow or rain, then you will need a Kolpin Rear Panel on your vehicle so that you can have some protection against the elements. This part will help to keep your vehicle clean and dry during those times when it would otherwise be exposed to water or snow. It is also helpful because it prevents any damage from occurring on your vehicle due to exposure to these elements.

The price for this item is $170.99, which may seem like a lot, but if you need protection against the elements, then it could be worth it for your vehicle as well as for yourself and other passengers traveling with you at the time.



Polaris Ranger Windshield

A Polaris Ranger Windshield is among the high quality Polaris Ranger accessories; it’s a durable and long-lasting windshield that protects the driver from wind, rain, and snow. The screen has a double layer of polycarbonate with an acrylic coating for extra strength and durability. The windshield has been designed to be used on the Polaris RZR models, and it’s easy to install.

Priced at $299.99, a Polaris Ranger Windshield is an aftermarket accessory that protects you from debris and other obstacles flying through your windshield. The windshield comes with a rubber gasket that fits into place around the outside of your existing windshield frame. It keeps debris from getting inside your cabin, so you do not have to worry about getting hit with rocks or sticks while riding through uneven terrain.

Full Aluminum Doors

The Polaris Ranger Full Aluminum Doors are easy to install and can be removed. These doors are constructed from high-quality aluminum and are available in black or silver. They come with hinges and latches, which allow you to close the doors easily. In addition, the full aluminum doors are built to last for years.

If you want your vehicle to look stylish, then these doors will let you do that. The full aluminum door kit will give your vehicle an attractive appearance while protecting it from dirt, mud, and other harmful elements that may damage the paint job of your vehicle. The full aluminum door kit is priced at $829.95 on Amazon.

LED Light Bar

A light bar is an automotive lighting accessory that is installed on the roof of an automobile. A light bar contains one or more lights and may also contain reflectors and lenses. The purpose of a light bar is to provide increased visibility for the driver of the vehicle and for other drivers on the road. The light bar can be found on a variety of vehicles, including off-road vehicles such as ATVs and UTVs.

The Bottom Line

There are several good reasons why you would want to purchase an LED light bar for your Polaris Ranger UTV. First, with a price tag of $99.99, an LED light bar provides brighter illumination than standard halogen bulbs, which means that you will be able to see better at night when driving in low-light conditions.

It can help reduce accidents caused by poor visibility during nighttime hours. In addition, because LEDs draw less power than other types of bulbs (such as halogens), they won’t drain your battery as quickly as other types of lights would do so.


In the search for more features and luxury accessories, one should buy a Ranger for its overall strength, looks, comfort, and everything that it already comes with. However, if you don’t need all the bells and whistles, consider looking for a more basic model.

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