Top 5 UTV Trails To Go Crazy At In The USA

If you’ve ever driven an UTV then you know by heart just how much fun they are. There are little feelings that compare to the sheer joy and excitement that shredding through trails on off-road activities can bring you. Let’s say for example that you’re an avid sports fan and UTV fan, you bet online for your favorite team or sporting event and you make a good chunk of change, sounds good right? Well how does the idea of taking that money and investing it in hitting a great UTV trail for off-roading sound? Imagine a place where you can truly get the absolute most and best out of your vehicle. Well here are 5 of our favorite UTV trails to hit in the USA.

The Paiute Trail, Utah

If you want to talk about a place where you can either ride for a couple of days or for weeks at a time, then The Paiute Trail in Utah is the place to go to! Located in central Utah, it has over 2,000 miles of designated trails that feature rock formations, forests, lakes and different kinds of wildlife. What’s the kicker here? The main Paiute loop. It’s basically what all UTV riders dream of with almost 300 miles of primary trails with over 1000 miles of marked side trails and over 1500 miles of side forest trails and trails to explore as well through four Utah counties and a riding duration time of around 25 hours. Make sure you visit between August to October to ride in the best weather conditions available and make sure you plan ahead very well because this is a trail you will not want to miss at all.

Ride Royal Blue Resort, Tennessee

If you like to do your UTV riding in more of a private ambiance, we got you covered as well. Recognized as one of the best UTV destinations in all of the US, the Ride Royal Blue Resort offers over 600 miles of trails for thrilling rides where riders can see waterfalls and wildlife. This trail offers riders of all skill levels a chance to ride out and live their best UTV driving experiences.

Imperial Sand Dunes, California

If you’ve never been riding to the dunes, have you ever really ridden before? The Imperial Sand Dunes located in the southernmost section of California, are the largest mass of sand dunes in California as well as the largest recreation area for sand dunes in the US. With some of the dunes reaching heights of over 300 feet above the desert floor. With the riding season usually starting from late September up until April, the park offers a variety of trails and dunes for all kinds of riders. Just one piece of advice, try to avoid riding in the summer months, at the end of the day this is still a desert and the weather can become unbearably hot for riding.

The Hatfield-McCoy Trail System, West Virginia

Apart from offering one of the best family feud stories in the history of the US, The Hatfield-McCoy legacy has left something else to enjoy and that’s the H-M Trail System, one of the most famous riding trails in all of the US. Known as “Trails Heaven” the trail features over 800 miles of trails managed professionally with everything from scenic mountain views to polarizing turns in the woods. The best part of it is that the system is open year round, so no matter rain, snow or shine if you want to ride your UTV this is one of the top spots to visit. 

Also, just to make things even better, many of the trails are connected to some of West Virginia’s ATV and UTV friendly towns, so you can grab a bite and experience some true Southern hospitality as well as learn more about the history of the US’s most favorite family blood feud.

St. Joe State Park, Missouri

If you have a hankering for riding through the dirt, mud, gravel, rocks, trees, sand, inclines and even water crossings then man is St. Joe Park the place for you to go ride in. With over 2,000 acres of trails, hills and flatlands, the park offers wooded trails and sand flats perfect for ATV/UTV riders.

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