Top Custom UTVs

Is there a better feeling than discovering a cool new UTV build for your eyes to feast upon?

With the boom in UTV ownership that we have experienced since 2008, there are plenty of exciting custom builds out there. The Polaris Ranger RZR and Yamaha Rhino were game-changers; both highly customizable and piqued people’s interest in the UTV scene. In the 13 years since, vehicles have been improved to make them go faster, carry more gear, and be safer for those inside.

Whilst a standard UTV allows you to go hunting, racing, trail riding, rock crawling, and a host of other exciting pursuits, even stood on the drive they deliver an experience that an owner will cherish. Customizing your ride and putting your unique spin on it helps create an identity for you and for your vehicle, as well as shaping it for your own requirements. There are some cool custom UTV’s out there, and we have picked a couple you will love right here.

Custom Defender Max X MR

If you are out on the hunt, what more could you ask for than the monster Can-Am Defender Max X MR, it’s built for sloppy terrain and able to seat six people. One custom interpretation of the UTV has gun racks, a kennel and good 15 inches of ground clearance. There is a 4,5000-pound winch for hauling obstacles out of the way and a front differential with MUD mode. Throw in the custom Mossy Oak wrap and you have a cool custom build perfect for the modern UTV fanatic.

Star Wars Polaris RZR XP4 1000

This custom build is perhaps not your typical UTV, it is certainly eye-catching. Designed with George Lucas’ films in mind, it remains faithful to a original land cruiser in terms of aesthetic, but offers full 4WD under the hood, meaning it can navigate those dunes heading into Mos Eisley, but only if the tail does not dig in! The owners are Walter Rapp and Howard Bieber, who along with wives Trish Ketchell and Laura Rapp appear in their vehicle as homage to the stars of the films. Ketchell dresses as Luke Skywalker, the Rapps as Leia and Chewbacca, and Bieber as Darth Vader to complete the look. In the films, it is a surprise Vader is as recognizable as he is, given how Gala Bingo highlights that he only appeared for a total of 37 minutes across all three of the original movies. However, in this dedicated land cruiser, there is no doubting who Bieber is meant to be!

Custom X3 Max X RS Turbo R

We have featured this build on our site before and it is certainly worth mentioning again. Eddie Cibrian’s Can-Am adventure build is tailored towards long-range exploration, and is a cool example of a four-seater UTV. It includes some nice touches, including space for a toolbox, gas cans, spare tire, camp chairs and an awning on the roof rack. The seven Pro-6 LEDs on top provide unrivalled clarity and a usable beam pattern from a low-amp draw. So much love has gone into this build and it is all rounded off with a desert-camo wrap, which completes the unique look for the vehicle.

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