Trail Tech Voyager Pro GPS Unit

Find new trails while staying connected

Todays announcement of Trail Tech’s all new Voyager Pro GPS is a leap, not only in the riding experience, but in safety as well. The Voyager Pro at $599.95 has the usual great GPS and vehicle instrument  functions Trail Tech products are known for along with a major upgrade.

Now, using long range FM radio frequencies, the unit will track and display up to 20 riding partners on your screen. Each riding partner needs to have their own Trail Tech Voyager Pro unit. There is absolutely no cell service required. The range between each rider is over a mile and the system tethers each rider together and displays them so your group can actually be spread out over a 20 mile trail. Glance at the screen and you will still know where every one is at and if they are still moving. If there is a problem like a blown belt, or a crash, any rider can push their emergency beacon and notify the closest people in the group that there is a problem so they can stop to assist.

Polaris’ Ride Command feature has the ability to track but, good cell service is mandatory and they don’t have the Emergency Beacon feature.

This cell phone sized unit can be mounted to your UTV’s dash or attached to roll bar tubing with a clamp mount or Ram Mount.

As far as the GPS features go, you can upload, save or export GPX files to send or share as well as see GPS tracked speed and ambient temperatures. If you plug the unit into your cars stock sensors, the dash will display info such as water temp, battery voltage and RPM. We have been using Trail Tech Voyager products for nearly two decades and every version they have come out with impresses us even more. If you think the Trail Tech Voyage Pro GPS would be good for your car or every car in your riding group, order soon at 

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