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Dear Sarge,

I’m trying to install a NOS mid-travel suspension kit on a 2012 Teryx 750 two-seater. I know there was a front-axle change to these UTVs in 2009, but what about the back? Mine has axles that are the same diameter and spline count on both ends, but the axles in the kit are larger diameter on one end with a lower spline count. What gives?

Gary Church

Hanford, California

Private Church Mouse, it appears to me you didn’t do enough recon before purchasing your NOS kit! There were early and late models. Your Zooter is a late model, and apparently your NOS kit is for an early-model Zooter. The breakdown is as follows: early is 2008–2011, with the late being 2012–2013. If you had provided Sarge with the OEM of your NOS kit, I might have been able to provide more information. So, right now, Boot, your NOS is useless. Seriously, contact the manufacturer and see what they can do for you regarding an axle swap. And, while you are counting splines, count off 50, Boot! Dismissed!


Dear Sarge,

I have a 2011 RZR 800. At night, the speedometer needle flashes, my battery light comes on, and part of the display that contains the fuel level and mileage goes blank! During the day everything is fine. I was told the battery ground was bad, but the connection is clean and tight. My dealer can’t find anything wrong, either. They just keep resetting the faults. Can you help?

Dennis Crowley

Watertown, South Dakota

Private Crowbar, resetting the faults has nothing to do with your problem! It is plainly electrical, and your problem is most likely due to low voltage. That is why your battery light comes on. As you drag down the voltage further, the gauge functions that require a higher voltage to operate either start to blink or drop out altogether, leaving you with a blank display. Page 1-5 in your service manual states you have an electrical output of 500 watts at 3000 rpm. At night or any time you are in motion you should be above 3000 rpm, so either you are stopped, idling, have added extra lights or a stereo, or your alternator is faulty. Since you didn’t provide Sarge with any of the above information as to what you are doing when this phenomenon occurs, or what extra power-sucking accessories you’ve added, I can only guess that low voltage is causing your gauge blinking. But, don’t discount a bad regulator/rectifier. To service/test your alternator, you will need a VOM meter and the factory service manual here: There are external automotive-type, belt-driven alternator kits available from UTVGearHQ here:
ranger-800-alternator-kit/. A cheaper solution would be to replace the twin 55-watt halogen headlights with H13 9008 36-watt LED conversions. That is a 38-watt savings. They are all over eBay for automobiles. Be aware, though, Boot that your Zooter headlight reflectors are much smaller than an automobile’s, thus you will not get the same light output as the larger auto headlight reflectors. Or, just ride faster! Laugh, Boot! Since you like the night, Boot, report to the parade grounds at 2200 hrs for Firewatch. Your mission is to guard the painted rocks. Dismissed!


Dear Sarge,

My wife and I have a 2017 Polaris 570 Touring. We got a great deal on it. The couple who originally owned it  hardly rode it, and it spent most of its life in a barn. We like everything about it save one thing—the exhaust heat! Every time we go for a ride, my wife complains of excessive heat on her right leg. It is worse when the fan turns on. I have asked Polaris right after we purchased it if there was a fix and was told there was not. So, I am turning to you, Sarge, for a solution.

Denny and Katherine Weaver

Oswego, New York

You obviously didn’t talk to the right people at Polaris. Original owners were sent a card describing a fix for the excessive heat. Since you are not the original owner and the original owner didn’t forward the card to you or notify Polaris of the change of ownership, you wouldn’t know of the fix. Officially, the heat fix is called “Safety Recall A-17-01B, 15-16 SPMN Hl Thermal Update.” What it consists of is a new air intake, thermal reflective material on the underside of the seat, new exhaust heat shield and a new side panel with extra heat shielding, also the rear fender has both new thermal reflective material and metal heat shielding. Reports I have seen indicate this fix cures the burn. Since you as the driver have not experienced the burn, I think a redo of “The Crucible” is in order, Boot! Dismissed!

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