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Dear Sarge,

Recently, I was in a Walmart, and I saw they were selling the Massimo T-Boss 410X. The price is in my range, and I was wondering if this machine could actually carry my family of four on a budget. We just can’t swing a $20K four-seater right now. Is it reliable enough for what we want to do?

Clive Johnson

Thornton, Indiana

While I understand the want to take the family Zootering, and you can’t afford a larger, big-name four-seat Zooter, this 352cc, 25.5-horsepower machine may do okay if the trails are mild. It may not be up to the task of serious off-roading with four people, but did you really look closely at the four-seat option? The two rear passengers are riding backwards! Is this what you envisioned for a family outing, Boot? One final thing, don’t expect Walmart to actually service your Zooter if there are any problems. They sell them, but you have to go elsewhere if you want service. I would suggest you go to www.massimomotor.com/t-boss-410 and look the 410X over and use their dealer locater to find a servicing dealer, and purchase from them if you have your heart set on this model Zooter for the price. Twenty-five push-ups, Boot! Dismissed!


Dear Sarge,

I have a 2016 Honda Pioneer 700-4. I have installed a 3-inch lift kit, Can-Am Commander shocks with High Lifter Outlaw 2 tires, 28×9.5×14 for the front with 28x11x14 on the rear. When the shocks are at full extension and at full lock, I have broken axles. Not every time, but I have broken three. Sarge, what I need to know is if this is a common thing with the Pioneers or just the 700-4s?

Dennis Treacher

Batesville, Georgia

Private Screecher, what you are doing is forcing the axles to move far beyond their design parameters. First off, a 3-inch lift on a 700-4 Zooter is most likely near if not exceeding design parameters. Then you added Can-Am Commander shocks, which are commonly used to increase ground clearance due to their increased length. So, add another 2 inches of ground clearance. Then, the icing on the cake is the Outlaw 2 tires, Boot. Vastly increased traction equals increased load on the drivetrain. Is it any wonder you are breaking axles, Boot? You do realize you have basically a sporterized work Zooter with the 700? I recommend that you consider removing at least one of your mods and install a stronger aftermarket axle assembly, such as the SuperAtv Rhino axles, which are 1/2-inch longer, with thicker, stronger shafts. This will give you a claimed 30 percent more articulation. Is that going to be enough for all three of your mods, Boot? I think you would be still on the ragged edge. My advice, since you asked, is dump the 3-inch lift kit, and either keep the Commander shocks or upgrade to quality aftermarket Commander shocks with stronger aftermarket axle assemblies. This should reduce the axle breakage. Will you never break another axle in the future? Not likely, especially in gumbo Georgia mud at full lock and extension, and then rod on the throttle. Of course this will never happen, now will it, Boot? When you replace those axles, I suggest you hold them over your head with both hands and double-time it through the same terrain you keep breaking the axles in. That should give you an appreciation for what your 700 Zooter is experiencing! Now, Boot, dismissed!


Dear Sarge,

Up at our hunting camp we keep this old 2006 Yamaha 660 Rhino, and the last time we were there it could barely get out of its way. Before we went back up there, I kind of wanted to know if we could fix it up there or if we needed to haul its half-dead carcass down to civilization! Any help you could provide would be very helpful.

Cpl. Thomas Devins (retired Marines)

Los Angeles, California

Boot, I didn’t know California still had rhinos! Laugh, Boot! What you need to take up to your camp is a shop manual, tools to disassemble the clutch sheaves, a complete rebuild kit and a spare drive belt couldn’t hurt. I suspect your Zooter has the old-style clutch weights that did, on occasion, separate and lose their cover. The pre-08s had the covers. With the change in weight, the clutch doesn’t operate correctly as you have witnessed. So, if memory serves, you need 18-gram weights. You can requisition a complete rebuild kit containing four sliders, four spacers and eight roller weights from parts sources in this magazine. I am assuming you have a service manual, Boot, but if you don’t and have disappointed me, here is one to download: www.tinken.com/rhinomanuals/2006 rhinoservice.zip. DVD versions are also available. A tutorial on your 660 Zooter CVT rebuild is available here: www.off-road.com/atv/tech/atv-tech-yamaha-grizzly-660-clutch-upgrade-53277.html. Boot, if you had really thought this through, you could have invited Sarge to an all-expenses-paid hunting trip at your camp, and I would have gladly rebuilt your CVT on the front porch! Laugh, Boot! But since you didn’t, I expect all members of your hunting party to fall out each morning at zero-dark 30 and do 30 minutes of PT! Dismissed! 



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