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Dear Sarge,

I have one of the new Talons from Honda. And I must say, it is everything you said it was. I don’t even have the clutch overheat light Boss talked about in the October 2019 Dirt Wheels. The only thing I don’t understand is when the fan comes on at idle. Why does the fan blow hot air forward and not backward? Is Honda concerned about cabin heating so it directs the heat forward. I think that is a novel idea to solve the cabin-heating problem so common with SxS’.

Sherry Thompson

Silver Peak, Nevada

Boot, I hate to point out that your novel idea is dead wrong! The hot air from the radiator is not supposed to be blown forward! What happens when forward speed matches fan speed? Zero airflow through the radiator quickly followed by engine overheating! You must have one of the early Zooters that had the fan wiring backwards. Locate your fan connector under the hood and see if the loom-side R/W wire is connected to the fan-side blue wire. If so (and I doubt it is), then your wiring is correct. I believe what you will see is the wire loom side R/W wire is connected to the fan-side black wire. With these wires reversed, the cooling fan operates in reverse! Now you can’t blame Honda for this screwup. The company that made the early connectors for Honda wired them backwards. The fix is either take your Zooter to a dealer for them to use a pin-pusher tool to push the pin locks out of the way and pop both pins out and reverse their locations when reinserting. Or, do it yourself with a set of jeweler screwdrivers or a very thin flat-blade screwdriver. A how-to is here: Even a “mere” woman can do it! Laugh, Boot! Dismissed!


Dear Sarge,

It seems like every month I see heavily modified UTVs with most of the components replaced. And the claim is the factory parts are inferior, and they won’t hold up to any use. So, Sarge, my question is, do I dare even drive my old 2011 RZR 800 S with the proven inferior OEM parts, or spend most of next year’s pay on a new RZR and then throw away most of the parts and replace them with better-built aftermarket parts?

Randy Ellison

West Plains, Missouri

Private Ellie Mae, we showcase modified Zooters either because they are race machines, showing how our readers can build their own or they are showcased for aftermarket companies’ products. And you, the reader, like to see other people’s builds, even if you will never own such a machine. Are the Zooter companies selling machines with inferior products? Define “inferior,” Boot! For the average rider, most likely no. But, the parts are designed to a price that the consumer can stomach. How many Zooters could they sell if only the finest parts were installed? My advice for Zooter owners has always been never purchase the first year of any new model. There will be problems! Let the sheeple discover them and force the OEMs to fix it. Then, purchase the upgraded model with fewer headaches than the year before. Your Zooter has several years of refinements, so most of the early problems have been fixed. I would not hesitate to take a well-cared-for 800 S the full length of Baja at trail-riding speeds, not racing speeds! Given your Zooter’s age, I would freshen up the shocks and maybe install aftermarket power steering. In fact, Boot, a year ago this fine rag did an 800 S retrospective. Read it here:
rzr-s-800-revival/. Remember, Boot, you only add aftermarket accessories if the OEM parts do not meet your needs, not wholesale parts replacing! You should be able to read our article on your phone while counting off 50! Dismissed!


Dear Sarge,

I have a Snow Hog snowblower on my 2018 Polaris Ranger XP 900 EPS. Last winter the snow was so heavy that I had a problem pushing the blower into the snow, even with 4×4 engaged. My dealer suggested chains, but I was thinking of a set of Camoplast 4S1 tracks. My dealer is insistent the Polaris on-demand 4×4 system will not engage the front end with tracks on, and I will end up pushing “dead” tracks forward. So, I am turning to you as to whom to believe.

Larry Bonneville

Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada

Private Speed Bump, I am surprised your dealer is still pushing that old wives’ tale that tracks will not work on a Zooter without a locking differential up front. Maybe that happened last century, but not now. The various track manufacturers have figured out ways to trick the various on-demand 4×4 systems into believing the rear end is constantly spinning faster than the front, thus engaging the front drive and the tracks. The trick, Boot, is gearing. Gear the rear tracks so they are moving a bit faster than the front tracks, and the on-demand 4×4 systems sees the imbalance as the rear end spinning, and the on-demand 4×4 system thus reacts and puts power to the front tracks. It’s just that simple. Even your dealer should be able to understand it—unless he is an “internet engineer” and knows what he knows because he knows it! I deal with a lot of people like that, Boot. They don’t let facts get in the way of what they know to be true. To me, facts are facts, whether I like it or not. Order your track kit. Dismissed!



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