GNCC drivers have a new place to race.


A new series has sprouted up in the wake of GNCC eliminating UTV’s from their series. The new Titan Fuel Tanks UTV Cross Country Championship has ULTRA4 Racing partnering with Southern Rock Racing Series (SRRS) to expand UTV racing to seven locations throughout the Eastern half of the United States. Three of the seven rounds will be at the 4 Wheel Parts Eastern ULTRA4 events. Those dates are below and the others will be announced in the coming weeks.

Pittsburg, TN – April 12th &13th  

Davis, OK – June 14th &15th 

Bedford, KY – July 19th & 20th

ULTRA4 has included UTV’s at most of its rounds for a couple years now. The rock season starts off at King of the Hammers in Johnson Valley, California and the UTV’s will now be the kick off race on Sunday February 3rd. To sign up, visit www.ultra4racing.com

Then new Dates and locations for ULTRA4 races in 2019 are as follows:

Nitto King of The Hammers Powered by Optima Batteries Johnson Valley, CA – February 1st – 9th

Lasernut Western Series- Rancho Cordova, CA – March 22nd & 23rd

4 Wheel Parts Eastern Series – Pittsburg, TN – April 12th &13th  

ULTRA4 North – Billings, MT – May 11th & 12th

Lasernut Western Series- San Felipe, Baja, MX – May 17th & 18th

ULTRA4 Europe – King of Spain – Galicia Spain – May 24th & 25th

4 Wheel Parts Eastern Series- Davis, OK – June 14th &15th 

ULTRA4 Europe – King of France – Narbonne France – June 21st & 22nd

ULTRA4 Europe – King of Britain – Glynneath, Wales – July 19th & 20th 

4 Wheel Parts Eastern Series- Bedford, KY – July 19th & 20th (changed from 27th & 28th)

ULTRA4 North – Alberta, CA – August 17th & 18th

ULTRA4 Europe – King of Portugal -Vimioso, Portugal – September 6th & 7th 

Lasernut Western Series – Ridgecrest, CA September 13th & 14th

ULTRA4 North – Columbus, MT – September 20th & 21st 

ULTRA4 Europe – King of Poland Olszyna, Poland – October 11th & 12th  

Nitto National Championship – Reno, NV – October 18th & 19th 

Contact www.ultra4racing.com

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