Uni Filter’s cleanable, reusable oiled foam air filters offer high performance, savings and convenience compared to the disposable stock paper filters on many UTVs, but they must be properly serviced to provide top performance, engine protection and long filter life. The Uni Filter Service kit includes the oil and cleaner needed for maintaining Uni and other brand reusable oiled foam air filters. The kit comes with a 14.5-ounce aerosol can of filter cleaner and a 5.5-ounce aerosol can of filter oil for $22.95.

The Uni Filter Service kit includes the oil and cleaner needed for maintaining all reusable oiled foam air filters.



If you ride a lot in groups in dusty conditions, a cleanable reusable foam filter can save you money and time compared to discarding disposable paper air filters and replacing them. Yes, you can tap a paper filter on a hard surface to dislodge heavy dirt or blow the loose dirt from the filter by directing compressed air from the clean side outward, but very fine dirt stays trapped in the paper element because that’s what the filter material was designed to do. Use a paper filter too long and it will clog with very fine dirt or allow some extremely fine dirt to pass into the engine. If a paper filter gets clogged, wet or damaged on a ride a long way from camp, dirt can damage the engine.

Some UTV manufacturers, including Honda and Yamaha, use foam air filters as original equipment on some UTVs, and some models have a cleanable foam pre-filter before the disposable paper element. Uni offers direct-replacement oiled foam filters for many popular UTVs and ATVs, including  Can-Am X3, Honda Talon, Kawasaki Teryx and KRX, Polaris RZR, Ranger and General, Suzuki ATVs, Yamaha Wolverine, RMAX and YXZ1000R


Uni Filter oil and many other foam air filter oils are thick to stay evenly distributed in the filter foam and sticky to trap dirt. We’ve found Uni Filter oil can remain well-distributed and tacky on a filter for a full year, though you should clean and oil a foam filter when it is dirty. Uni foam air filter oil is highly resistant to water, so Uni’s solvent-based cleaner makes cleaning filters quick and easy. Don’t use gasoline to clean oiled foam filters due to the harmful fumes and fire danger.

To clean an oiled foam filter, put on rubber gloves, separate the inner and outer filter layers (unless the layers are bonded together), and spray both layers with cleaner until they are wet inside and out. Without wringing the filter, work the cleaner into the foam and let the filter rest for three minutes. Rinse the filter with clean water until all dirt, oil and cleaner is removed. Reapply the cleaner and rinse again if needed.

Allow the filter to dry completely, then spray the filter with oil inside and out. Thinned by solvent, Uni’s aerosol filter oil sprays on thin so it distributes easily and thickens as the solvent evaporates. Without wringing the filter, work the oil into the filter foam and reassemble. If the filter has a rubber-mounting flange, clean any oil from the inside of the flange so it mounts securely, and reinstall the filter.


Uni recommends using the service kit’s cleaner and oil for filter maintenance only, but we’ve found the aerosol filter cleaner can do  a nearly limitless number of other jobs. The solvent-based cleaner is a very effective degreaser that makes quick work of motor oil, grease spills and oily hand prints left behind from service jobs. Given some time to work, it also removes pine sap and road tar. We’ve even used it to cut grease and oil on clothes and shoes. For best results, use the cleaner just as Uni describes for air filters: spray it on, work it into the material to be cleaned using a brush for stubborn, hardened oily dirt, wait at least three minutes, then rinse with clean water. The thin, oil-based cleaner also works like penetrating oil when you don’t have the real thing handy.


The Uni Service kit makes cleaning and oiling oiled foam air filters quick and easy, and the oil provides excellent, long-lasting filtration and performance. We’ve also had great results using Uni Filter cleaner for many, many more cleaning and degreasing jobs and even a substitute for penetrating oil.







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