— The UTV Action magazine crew is looking to do features and special looks at the machines our readers own. One way we could do that is to take our subscribers list with addresses, fly around the country, go to their homes, knock on the door and ask to take pictures of their UTVs. However, that would take forever and it wouldn’t fit within our meager travel budget.

So, the next best thing is for everyone to email us photos and info on your machine. It can be action shots as well as parked. Please include your name, city & state with your email.

E-Mail to > [email protected]

Here are a few photos from readers we received recently. Make sure you get included for the next post and printed magazine issue.

.  Duane Lamott, Sheldon, Vermont.

Lance Hall, San Diego, California.

Gage Erb in Pennsylvania.




Brandon Cink and friends took a trip from Iowa to the Big Horn Mountains.

Tanner Bridges went from Las Vegas to the mountains with family and friends.


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