Dear Sarge,

I recently attended the auction of a long time independent UTV/ATV service shop. While there I purchased many staple items like spark plugs, light bulbs, oil filters. I then sold them at cost to our group. Shortly thereafter I started getting complaints about the H6 QI light bulbs. These were installed on a variety of machines. Some stated the high beam was low and the low beam was high! Others, had no problem at all. And some, had only one headlight be “bassackwards”! Sarge, do you know what is going on, ‘cause we can’t figure out why some of our headlights can’t tell the difference between high beam and low beam?

Dennis Call

Cleveland, Ohio

Private Rollcall, I actually have seen UTV headlight problems like this before! Back in the day…..There was a shipment of H6 quartz iodine light bulbs from Taiwan, where the solder-on plate with the index nubbin was attached 180° out! This caused the light bulb’s low beam contact to perfectly align with the high beam contact giving you a lit low beam when the handlebar switch is set to high beam. So, since you obviously can’t return the H6’s to the Dealer, I would grind off the indexing nubbin and flux and solder a new nubbin 180° opposite the ground off nubbin. This will align the light bulb’s high beam contact with your Zooter’s high beam contact. While I commend you Boot for trying to save your riding group some pay, remember that “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished”! Dismissed!

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