BUYER’S GUIDE: UTV Rock Sliders/Nerf Bars

The nerf bar has been around since the beginning of ATV racing, somewhere around the mid-1980s. Nerf bars filled the void between the front and rear tires outside of the rider’s feet and footpeg area. The aluminum- or steel-tubing frame was designed to keep other ATVs’ wheels from entering and tangling with your wheels. Current nerf designs have evolved over the years, but the basic principle remains the same. On the UTV side of things, this idea of keeping other vehicles from entering the “comfort zone” and tangling wheels still applies. One major difference between UTVs and SxS’ is that the focus is also on protecting the frame from rocks, trees and other damaging obstacles on non-racing vehicles. With higher vehicle weights and more momentum, a quality UTV nerf bar needs to be pretty substantial to provide the necessary protection. We’ve compiled a list of all the major players in the UTV nerf bar and rock slider game. Here is what we found out.


Blingstar’s lightweight aluminum nerf bar is designed to save your XP 1000 from side damage, including the dreaded axle snappage that results from tangling tires with the competition. As an added bonus, the Blingstar nerf design incorporates a slick-looking, replaceable number-plate system that is perfect for sponsor logos or race numbers. The Blingstar aluminum nerf bar set is available for the Polaris RZR XP 1000 $199 or call them at (866) 412-5464


Factory UTV Polaris nerf bars are constructed out of 1.25inch steel tubing and bolt to the stock location on the XP 1000 and RZR 900 models. Designed to protect against wheel or tree contact, they are available in black powdercoating or red/orange for an additional $25. Factory UTV also has UHMW rock sliders in either 3/8- or 1/2-inch thicknesses for $289. The plastic rocker guards are lighter than metal and won’t dent or rust. Factory UTV Polaris RZR 900/XP 1000-series nerf bars fit ’14–’15 models $299 or call them at (916) 383-2730

Polaris RZR S 900 Tree Bars-Nerf Bars-Side Bars-houser

Houser Racing’s Tree bars are designed specifically for the Polaris RZR 900 S. Built to only add an extra 1/2-inch per side to the 60-inch-wide S (and only in the rear end) for a quick approach and pivot-style exit through tighter trees. The Houser Tree bars are TIG-welded from 4130 seamless tubing for unbeatable strength and minimal weight. Houser Tree Bars fit the RZR 900 S $449 or extra $50 for colors or call them at (877) 646-3278

HRP Studio

HRP’s 1.25-inch chromoly steel tubing nerf bars install easily with a super-strong stud-mounting system instead of the ”weaker” expansion plug system. The Holz Racing nerfs will keep your RZR from getting hung up and feature stylish black or red powdercoat finishes. HRP Nerf Bars fit the ’14–’16 XP 1000, XP Turbo, ’15–’16 RZR 900/900 S and the S 1000 $299 or call them at (360) 398-7006


The IMG Motorsports nerf bars are made of tough yet lightweight .095-inch-wall steel tubing and are 100 percent bolt-on. The IMG nerfs are designed for superior protection and offer a handy entrance step to any RZR with fixed protective doors. Powdercoated finish. IMG nerf bars fit the Polaris XP 1000 and ’15–’16 900 S and 1000 S $249 or call them at (951) 471-1615


Made with seven-gauge (.0897-inch) steel for the two-seat RZR and .160-inch aluminum for the four-seater, Pro Armor rock sliders are designed to fully protect the rocker panel plastics while looking great. They bolt on in minutes using factory hardware, and protect while maintaining maximum ground clearance. Pro Armor rock sliders fit the ’14–’16 XP 1000, XP Turbo, ’15–’16 900/S/XC, and XP 4 900 $279.95–$349.95


Pro Armor makes nerf sliders with seven-gauge steelmounting plates, anchoring a 1.75x.090-inch lower tube and 1.50x.083-inch upper tube nerf that also works as a handy step. Powdercoated black, the bars bolt on using factory hardware and ensure full protection of the plastic rocker panels. Pro Armor Tube rock sliders fit the ’14–’16 XP 1000, ’15–’16 RZR 900/S/XC, ’16 XP Turbo $299.95 or call (888) 312-7667


Pure Polaris Extreme Kick Out rock sliders are durable, 1.75-inch steel-tubing nerfs designed to provide outstanding protection. The Polaris design retains full stock ground clearance, sticking out 5 inches to enable you to maintain momentum while cornering around off-road obstacles. These sliders act as a buffer, protecting the side and rear wheels from contact with obstacles along the trail. The Extreme Kick Out sliders are the latest version of this popular nerf bar. Fits the XP 1000, XP Turbo, 900 S, 1000 S $399


Pure Polaris RZR Low Profile rock sliders are durable steel panels that mount on the rocker panels of your Polaris. Installation is simple, and they protect against impact with an unobtrusive, low-profile design that doesn’t sacrifice ground clearance. Available in colors to match all current RZR models, they use three expanding anchor bolts per side. Fits the XP 1000, XP Turbo, 900 S, 1000 S, and XP 1000 4 $399–$749

Precision 4 seat red

The Precision Billet nerf bars are available for both two- and four-seater XP 1000s, as well as the 900 S. Larger 1.75-inch-diameter steel tubing makes these some of the stoutest RZR nerfs on the market with a look like no other. Precision Billet nerfs offer great protection and a convenient step for entering your RZR. Powdercoated for durability, they are available in Satin Black, red or Gloss White. Voodoo Blue and orange are also available for an additional charge. Precision billet nerfs are available for Polaris XP 1000, XP 4 1000, 900 S, 900 4, and the XP Turbo $269–$359 or call them at (480) 813-1833



SLP makes Rocker Armor that is more rock slider than nerf bar. The high-tensile steel-plated Rocker Armor is designed to protect the vulnerable underside area from wheel well to wheel well without giving up ground clearance. The powdercoated steel plate construction slides easily over sharp rocks and is extremely resistant to gouging. SLP Rocker Armor fits the Polaris 800 $259 or call them at (208) 529-0244

super atv 1

Super ATV’s Rock Sliding nerf bars give your UTV an aggressive look while protecting the sides and undercarriage from damage. They feature a tough black powdercoat finish and all necessary mounting hardware. The Super ATV Rock Sliding nerfs are available to fit the following Polaris models: Ace, RZR, RZR S, RZR 570, XP 1000, 900 S, Ranger XP and Ranger Crew, as well as CanAm Mavericks and Commanders. $99–$225 or call (812) 574-7777

trail products

Trail Products Inc. (TPi) rocker guards feature a rock rail nerf design that’s a handy step into your Polaris RZR two- or four-seater, and the 1/8-inch steel plates and 1.5-inch steel tubes are then powdercoated red, black or white. For those wanting to keep weight low on their XP 900, XP 1000 or XP 4 1000, TPi also has an aluminum version without the rock rails. Trail Products rocker guards fit the ’14–’15 RZR XP 1000 and 900 and ’14–’15 XP 4 1000 and 2015 RZR 900 4 $329.00–$439.00 or call (805) 416-4929


Racers want as much protection as they can get with as little added weight as possible; many use UTV Inc.’s UHM Rock Sliders, which are made of 3/8-inch UHMW plastic. UHMW doesn’t dent like aluminum or steel and is lighter than both. UTV Inc. also makes UHMW full skid plates, A-arm guards, and trailing-arm guards. UTV INC. UHMW Rock Sliders fit the Teryx 800, Wildcat 1000, Wildcat4; full skid plates cover Can-Am Commanders and Mavericks, Wildcats, and RZR 570–1000s $129.95–$599.95


The UTV Inc. RZR XP 1000 and 900 S nerf bars are simple to bolt on, featuring steel construction and a powdercoated finish. They offer a trick-looking plate “step” gusset with a Frenched-in logo, and what’s even tricker are the available UHMW sliders that can bolt in for an extra $100. UTV Inc. nerf bar sliders are also available for many other models without the UHMW slider option. UTV Inc. nerf bars are available for the RZR 570, 800, 900, 1000, 900 4, 1000 4, Kawasaki Teryx and the Can-Am Maverick $259–$449 or call (480) 718-5511

warn slider

Designed more for the enthusiast than the racer, these simple tubing-style sliders are built to protect the side of your UTV from large obstacles like rocks and stumps. They are designed for quick, bolt-on installation out of thick, .120-wall steel tubing and then powdercoated with a durable wrinkle finish that looks great. Warn rock sliders are available for Arctic Cat Prowlers Priced at $234.91 or call (800) 543-9276


Vendetta Motorsports RZR rockers with side bars feature a 1/8-inch steel slider plate and an incorporated 1.5-inch tubing nerf bar. The Vendetta system mounts using the factory holes and will actually strengthen the stock frame to prevent twisting and flexing. Color-matched powdercoating is available for most models. The Vendetta Motorsports sliders are available for the following models: XP 1000, 900 S, XP 1000 4, XP 900, XP 900 4, the Wildcat and the Wildcat 4 $329–$439 or call them at (323) 881-4310

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