BUYER’S GUIDE: All-Terrain UTV Tires

The UTV market is on fire, and tire manufacturers are busier than ever trying to keep up. With radical new vehicles constantly hitting the scene, there is more and more need for bigger and better tires that can harness their performance. Many of the new, advanced tire designs offer improved traction and handling for 4×4 ATVs too. This guide will give you the who, what how big and how much for the newest all-terrain tires, so you can get your machine’s power to the ground in hard or soft conditions, including rocks, hard pack, sand and mud.

Moto Race Tire:


CST’s Behemoth features an aggressive tread pattern with massive shoulder tread lugs for increased predictability in the ruts. Radial construction lowers rolling resistance on hardpack and increases confidence everywhere else with improved durability. Built for the nastiest terrains on earth.
Sizes: 27×11-14, 26×11-14, 25×10-12, 26×11-12, 28×10-14, 30×10-14, 28×10-15, 30×10-15, 27×9-14, 25×8-12, 26×9-14, 26×9-12
Price: From $113


CST Stag
The new CST Stag features a non-directional tread pattern with alternating hooklike center lugs. These tires are said to literally “claw” their way through mud and other debris while also offering unbeatable clean-out. The six-ply radial carcass also absorbs rocks, roots and bumps for increased comfort. The Stag is designed to be a “do-it-all” tire for the mid-bore ATV and UTV crowd.
Sizes: 26×9-12, 26×9-14, 26×11-12, 26×11-14
Price: $152–$205

utv tires #3

CST Lobo
CST’s new Lobo is built to handle cruising down the road or any of the world’s most treacherous deserts. It’s designed to exceed DOT test standards and provide durability and comfort with the heavier loads of today’s larger side-by-sides. The Lobo features a fastrolling center tread paired with stepped, aggressive shoulder knobs for incredible straight-line stability, predictable sliding and better cornering grip.
Sizes: 28×10-14, 30×10-14, 29×915, 32×10-15, 32×10-16
Price: $180–$216

MOJAVE 27x9-14

DWT’s latest tire offering is a tight-tread, hard-surface run-flat tire designed for UTVs and sport utility ATVs. Its design provides a smooth, comfortable and controlled ride on most trail surfaces including pavement. The specially formulated, durable compound provides excellent traction as well as tread life. A wraparound tread design gives additional protection and side bite. The new Mojave is available in an eight-ply rating or 12-ply run-flat option.
Sizes: 25×8-12, 26×9-14, 26×11-14, 28×9-14, 28×11-14, 30×10-14
Price: From $182


EFX Motohammer 32-inch
The eight-ply, radially engineered Motohammer is now available in a monstrous 32x10x16 inches. It features the same soft compound and incredible bite that have helped the Motohammer excel in hardpack terrain like Moab or racing King of the Hammers.
Sizes: 32×10-16
Price: $239


EFX Motoclaw
The eight-ply, all-terrain Motoclaw gets both 32-inch and 33-inch options for 2015. The massive 33-inch option makes the Motoclaw quite possibly the largest all-terrain UTV-specific tire ever. EFX’s enormous 18-inch wheel option is also the biggest yet.
Sizes: 32×10-16, 33×10-18
Price: $241–$252

MotoMTC 301014

The smooth-rolling, long-lasting, doit-all MotoMTC gets a new size as well. The 16-inch is no longer the only option for a 30-inch MTC. New for 2015, you can get this proven all-terrain tire in a 14-inch size as well.
Sizes: 30×10-14
Price: $208

GBC Dirt Commander

GBC DIrt Commander
GBC has expanded its ever-popular Dirt Commander lineup for 2015. GBC will be offering a very convenient stock replacement size for the XP 1000 with 29×9-14 and 29×11-14s. They are also offering a 30×10-14 and 30×10-15 for those who want a little more tire.
Sizes: 29×9-14, 29×11-14, 30×1014, 30×10-15
Price: $165–$207

GBC Mongrel

The GBC Mongrel is the side-byside racer’s dream tire. It’s a true allpurpose tire that performs on a variety of surfaces and conditions. A unique blend of traction, stability and impressive durability has found this tire at the top of the podium in many tough races, including Baja 500, Vegas to Reno and King of the Hammers. GBC offers a whole slew of new sizes for the Mongrel in 2015. The Mongrel is eightply-rated.
Sizes: 27×11-12, 27×11-14, 26×1012, 27×9-14, 28×10-14,30×10-14, 28×10-15, 30×10-15, 27×9-12
Price: From $140

UltraCross R Spec

ITP Ultracross R-Spec
The 30×10-14 Ultracross R Spec has proven itself a serious winner in the off-road world. This tire has won the biggest Baja and BITD events, and we’ve personally logged more than 1400 flat-free miles on the set mounted on our XP1K 4. ITP has taken this eight-ply desert tire to the next level by offering 10 sizes for 2015.
Sizes: 27×10-12, 27×10-14, 28×1012, 28×10-14, 29×9-14, 30×10-14, 30×10-15, 32×10-15. Even a 23×10-12 for those who need R-Specs for their golf carts.
Price: $160–$280

kenda bount hunter ht (angle)

The Bounty Hunter HT is a radialconstruction, UTV-specific tire designed for hard to intermediate surfaces. Built with heavy-duty eight-plyrated casing that can resist punctures as well as provide the weight ratings necessary for the UTV/SxS market.
Sizes: 25×8-12, 25×10-12, 26×9-12, 26×11-12, 27×9-12, 2711×12, 26×914, 26×11-14
Price: From $125


Moto Race Tire
The Race tire features a Kevlar, triple-belted, anti-puncture sidewall. It’s available in 28×10-14 or 30×9-15 sizes and weighs only 32 pounds, including run-flat technology. The eight-ply, DOT Race tire is ready for the track, rocks, sand or gravel. Separated tread and aggressive side bite aim to keep any UTV or ATV on track.
Sizes: 28×10-14, 30×9-15
Price: $275–$295


The X Rox DD has a Kevlar, triplebelted, anti-puncture sidewall, a supersticky compound and an incredibly high, 1300-pound load rating. It’s also eight-ply-rated and DOT compliant. It’s available in a 30×10-14 and weighs a respectable 38 pounds with run-flat technology.
Sizes: 30×10-14
Price: $310


Tensor TIre Regulator
The Regulator A/T is a brand-new, all-terrain UTV tire from a new company called Tensor Tire. Its unique, trucktype tire tread is built on a carcass that was developed for today’s bigger UTVs, such as the RZR XP, Wildcat and Maverick. This DOT-approved, steel-belted, eight-ply tire features a variable tread pattern for a quiet and smooth ride over any terrain. The wide footprint is said to enhance handling and braking.
Sizes: 28×10-12, 28×10-14, 30×1014, 30×10-15
Price: $185–$221


STI’s center V tread performs comfortably on hardpack, yet deep dimple lugs dig aggressively and clean out well in deep mud. Built for the muddiest of trail rides, but will work just about anywhere. STI has multiple new tire sizes for 2015.
Sizes: 25×8-12, 25×10-12, 26×9-12, 26×11-12, 27×9-12, 27×11-12, 28×912, 28×11-12, 26×10-12, 26×12-12, 27×10-12, 27×12-12, 27×9-14, 27×1114, 28×10-14, 30×9-14, 30×11-14, 30×9-17, 30×11-14
Price: From $113

STI Roctane XS-NEW

STI Roctane XS
STI has created two new sizes with a lighter-weight carcass and more rounded contour for enhanced high-speed handling. The new 28/10R-14- and 30/10R-14-sized XS is DOT approved for paved road use (where legal). The XS is designed to be the lighter, more race-friendly version of the off-roadproven Roctane XD. Nationwide race testing has led to a revised center tread pattern that improves hardpack performance and cornering traction. The Roctane XS features RocWall sidewalls and super-deep rim guards for enhanced wheel protection. Non-DOT 30/10R-15 and 31/10R-17 sizes will still be available as well.
Price: 28-inch, $179; 30-inch, $202


QuadBoss QBT447
ATV and UTV accessory giant Tucker Rocky recently entered the tire market with their QuadBoss QBT447 all-terrain tire. It offers six-ply bias construction with a 3/4-inch tread depth to ensure crisp handling and sure traction. Wraparound lugs provide extra sidewall protection and incredible cornering bite. The 447’s directional tread pattern is built for loose to intermediate terrain, and the unique center tread sheds mud and provides a smooth ride on hardpack.
Sizes: 25×8-12, 25×10-12, 26×9-12, 27×11-12, 26×9-14, 26×11-14, 27×9-14, 27×11-14
Price: $99–$153

atlas-articwhite vee moto

VEE Moto Atlas
Vee Moto’s Atlas tire is available with stripes in three colors to truly customize your ride. Options like Arctic White, Pacific Blue and Sahara Red will surely stand out in a crowd. Not just appealing to the eye, the Atlas is built to take a beating as well. The tough, six-ply-rated casing resists punctures and sidewall damage, and the UTV-specific tread is designed to improve both handling and ride quality.
Sizes: 26×9-12, 29×9-14, 29×11-14
Price: TBA

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