Dear Sarge,

I have a Polaris Ranger with a Dot Weld Offroad folding polycarbonate windshield. I got it for Christmas from my wife. Well, we used it a few times and one day it got quite dirty, so my wife tried to clean it with Windex. Now a section is dull and cloudy. Sarge, what happened? And just what should she have been using? Do I need to order a replacement windshield of “better” quality?

Tom and Sherry Wilson

Auburn, California

Boot & Bootette, stuff happens! Deal with it by understanding the UTV windshield care and the different properties of each type of plastic windshield. Remember Boot, you would have used the same product too, if given the chance! Polycarbonate plastic is a perfectly acceptable plastic for windshields. Hard coated is better but plain polycarbonate is fine IF you use the correct cleaning products. Initially wash with warm soapy water. Dry with a microfiber cloth. Polish with a polycarbonate-safe product like Hardline RX https://www.hardlineproducts.com/product/rx-uv-protectant-cleaner-polish/. Windex® has ammonia in it and ammonia damages polycarbonate. Hardline RX will not create a build up and will not harm the plastic at all. Now to the problem of the surface damage. Since only a small section of the windshield is damaged, we can attempt a repair, or at least make it better if not crystal clear again. At the local automobile accessory store, requisition Mothers Nulens®. Follow the box instructions for polishing the plastic with the blue “PowerBall 4Lights” polishing ball and the “PowerPlastic 4Lights Plastic Polish” and see if simply polishing the windshield will clear the cloud away. If not, then move to the included wet sanding discs. Start with the 800 grit and move to the 1500 grit and then finish up with the 3000 grit. Don’t over sand in one area. And keep plenty of water on the sanding discs. Keep moving to prevent the plastic from heating up and melting. Then redo the blue polishing ball and the “PowerPlastic 4Lights Plastic Polish”. If the windshield can be saved at all, this procedure will do it. Then finish with a polish and protectant like Hardline RX. No PT for your wife Boot, ‘cause I’m sure she feels bad already! Dismissed!

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