— Yeah, it’s true, UTVs are for girls too. They enjoy conquering gnarly trails and mud holes just like the guys do. On UTV rides the ladies of the family are right there with the men of the family. They typically experience the off-road fun together. However, sometimes the ladies don’t feel obliged to include the guys.

That was the case here with Andrea Allen and her lady friends. They did a special “Girls Day” ride and left the boys at home to tend to the kids. The girls were far from helpless, because they’ve already had experience with fixing flats and pulling stuck machines out of mud holes. Andrea says they had a blast riding around on the trails of rural Pennsylvania. They can’t wait for their next “Girls Day”.

What about your ride days? Do you have any interesting stories and photos to share with the UTV world? Of course you do, so send them in. Your picture may just wind up on the cover of UTV Action magazine. Include your name, city & state and E-mail it to the editors at [email protected]

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