Without petroleum and coal, we wouldn’t have UTVs to explore the great outdoors or race for huge payouts. Every single component of our UTVs are dependent on petroleum, from which gasoline, diesel, natural gas, and chemicals are distilled. Every single part of a UTV is manufactured and shipped using fossil fuels, and UTV assembly lines are dependent on energy from fossil fuels, or nuclear and/or hydroelectric power plants. So the DC Swamp is waging war on UTVs and UTV enthusiasts when it wages war on fossil fuels.

As I wrote in “Green New Deal vs. The Endangered Species Act” (see www.utvactionmag.com), the Mojave Desert, beloved playground of millions of OHV enthusiasts, is being overrun with thousands of acres of solar-panel farms and forests of huge wind turbines. Residents of other states probably don’t care about California being polluted by vast solar seas and windmill forests, but, rest assured, what happens in California will soon happen to your state, thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act. The IRA will do the opposite of reducing inflation, and it should be named “Green New Deal Lite.” One IRA provision slams a new tax on petroleum, which will raise diesel, gasoline, and home-heating oil prices. That will increase inflation as shipping costs are passed on to consumers, and “pain at the pump” will spread to every cash register in America.

More than 36% of Colorado is federal land; what if The Swamp decides this alpine meadow is a good spot for hundreds of giant wind turbines?

I get regular emails from CFactg.org, and CFact’s David Wojick delved deep into the inherent flaws in the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act” (IRA), saying:
“The Democrats writing the IRA decided that, since tax credit subsidies do a good job of promoting renewables and electric vehicles, they should do more. They should promote things like union wages, mining, and manufacturing, which have nothing to do with climate. Think of it as social engineering squared. In the vernacular, this is called ‘mission creep.’ A program designed to do one thing tries to do something very different, often unsuccessfully.”

CFact’s Connor Cohen exposed the roadblocks popping up in local communities for Biden’s “incredible transition” to renewables. Cohen writes, “President Biden’s ‘incredible transition’ to what he assures us will be a clean-energy future is not going down well with residents and public officials in south-central Idaho, who are up in arms over a proposed wind power project that will have as many as 400 giant turbines marring the picturesque countryside. Commissioners in Lincoln and Minidoka counties on August 15th independently adopted resolutions opposing the project that would go up on 73,000 acres of federal land under the jurisdiction of the Interior Department’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM).”

Greens used the Endangered Species Act to stop several desert races over the years, then they fence off huge tracts of land for wind power.

And Texas is a perfect example of the folly of implementing the GND/IRA into energy policy. Texas took advantage of federal subsidies and credits to erect vast wind and solar farms, resulting in 23-percent of the state’s power coming from those so-called renewables. But it’s dark half the time, clouds and snow can further impact e-production, and wind is also intermittent. Windmills froze and solar panels were covered in snow and ice in Texas’ February 2021 blizzard, and millions lost power. Nearly 200 people died! The thing is, those solar and wind farms are on private lands in Texas, which has very little state and federal lands (1.2%). Western states have huge percentages of state and federal lands, and California is 45.4% federal land. Idaho is 61.9% federal land, and Utah is 63.1% federal. Utah formed a Sagebrush Rebellion a few years ago to protest mismanagement of BLM and USFS lands and even tried to take back some of Utah’s 33,267,621 acres of federal land. Nevada is 80.1% federally owned.

As taxpaying citizens, we need to unite to stop our public lands from being polluted with vast tracts of solar panels and windmill forests, and the Endangered Species Act is but one tool at our disposal to fight the IRA from destroying critical habitat. Greens have used the ESA against us for years, and we can do the same to stop the invasion of public lands by solar and wind arrays. Lands are totally denuded of vegetation, and any trees or weeds growing between solar panels are removed. Denuded and fenced-off land cannot support any species, endangered or not, including us!

If driving UTVs across the desert is bad, what is stripping thousands of acres of all vegetation for solar-panel seas?

I even read a report that NASA satellite images showed that warming caused by solar seas impacted vegetation downwind. I googled it but found nothing; it probably had already been scrubbed. And those huge windmills chop up any birds that fly into the blades, including endangered species like the California Condor. The 400 “Condor Cuisinart” windmills proposed to go up in Idaho are the equivalent of 400 oil/gas wells, as their bases are actually greater in diameter than most wellheads.

We have to stop “Turbine Sprawl” and denuding solar seas across our beautiful public lands! CFact also reported that, on his first week in office, President Biden signed the “30×30” plan, which is designed to place 30% of our land and water under federal control by 2030. Right, kick us off of our own land to create more federal land, which already comprises 28% of the USA. Will you be among the 2% losing their land?

We drive UTVs to some really beautiful public lands, but will they soon be polluted with wind turbines and high-tension power lines?

“Pushing back, some 225 county executives, state legislators, farmers and ranchers gathered in Lincoln, Nebraska, in April to craft a plan of action to resist what some call the largest attack on property rights in American history.” We have to join the fight, or we might be history. And in the crosshairs of the IRA’s new 87,000 armed IRS agents.

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