PRODUCT TEST: Vendetta RZR Rock Slider/Nerfbars

Vendetta Motorsports builds bumpers, rock slider/nerf bars, bodyarmor sliders, tire carriers and specialty items like a RZR XP1K rectifier rock guard and front CV guards for the Polaris RZR XP1K and XP 4. They also make bumpers and rock sliders/nerf bars for RZR XP 900s, XP 4 900s, and the new 900/900 S. They build armor for the Can-Am Maverick, all three Arctic Cat Wildcats and Ford F150s. We got Vendetta’s rock sliders with nerf bars for the RZR XP 900 and XP1K two-seaters and headed for the Moab Rally on the Rocks to test their metal.

The rock sliders are made of 1/8inch steel plates and mounted to the three holes in the RZR plastic using supplied hardware, much like the Pure Polaris accessory rock sliders, which are $279.95. Vendetta welds 1.5-inch tubing to the sliders to create nerf bars on each side, and the nerfs also act as step ladders for lifted RZRs with flatsteel platforms and slots to let mudslide through.


Vendetta rock sliders with nerf bars are powdercoated blue, red, black or orange to match Polaris XP1K color schemes, and they’re cut, bent, welded and coated in the USA. The nerf bars are bent to get wider towards the back of the UTV to better protect the rear wheels from impacts. They slope up at the rear as well, but not as much as Pure Polaris slider/nerfs, which are also $299.99. Vendetta’s XP 4 1000 slider/ nerfs are $399, while the Pure Polaris XP 4 rock sliders without nerfs are $749.99. INSTALLATION: Each slider and nerf uses two bolts with expanding bases, and they line up perfectly with the mounting points. It takes 10 to 15 minutes per side to install them, as you have to drill the frame for the third bolt.

Mounting is solid enough to support a person’s weight when climbing in or out of the RZR, and the nerfs protect the lower part of the rear fender flares. They fit well and look good on the car.

We feel more confident in extreme rock crawling on our RZR XP 1000 and XP 900, and the nerf bars and step plate beef up the area further while providing more comfort and harmony inside the cabin. Vendetta will also give discount prices if you buy three items or more.

CONTACT:, (626) 290-2392
RATING: ★★★★
PRICE: Two-seat, $299; four-seat, $399

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