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“First Look” at the new Maverick!

Mark your calendars folks, Can-Am is scheduled to release their new Maverick on September 20. In the past they have kept all things under wraps until the intended release. However, this year the suspense has been heightened with a series of teasers that really give nothing away. Can-Am claims that this new machine will tackle […]

Get more In-Depth with Can-Am’s NEW Maverick X3!

US pricing: Maverick X3 TURBO R White–$22,999 Maverick X3 X ds TURBO R Triple Black–$24,999 Maverick X3 X ds TURBO R Circuit Yellow–$24,999 Maverick X3 X rs TURBO R Triple Black–$26,699 Maverick X3 X rs TURBO R Gold & Can-Am Red–$26,899


Yamaha’s video for the 2017 YXZ1000 gives a sneak peek at the new machine to be unveiled June 8. The UTV shown has no clutch pedal, but it’s ripping through the gears of a manual transmission. It could be a paddle shift or auto shift version of the YXZ, or a transmission with both features. […]