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The idea of an electric, high-performance, sport UTV has been around for close to a decade now. Today, Volcon is bringing that idea a little closer with the unveiling of its Stag E-UTV.

With past sport E-UTV’s failing to come to production, you may wonder if this one is for real or not. Well, Volcon already sells the popular Grunt electric motorcycle and has a growing dealer network. So, we do have good reason to believe the Stag will make it to production by the projected Summer 2023 delivery date.

According to Volcon, the 2023 Stag will be powered by a single 107 KW electric motor producing the equivalent of 143 Horsepower with 265 pound feet of torque. 

Multiple power modes will be controlled through a paddle shifter behind the steering wheel consisting of the following; Sport; for lightning fast acceleration up to 80 MPH, ECO; for a long range ride close to 100 miles, Tow Mode: giving it slower, building strength to pull up to 2000 pounds and haul another 1550 lbs and Crawl Mode: this allows the vehicle to move slowly without using the throttle so the driver can manage the speed just using the brakes.






Speaking of brakes, there is a regenerative system that charges the vehicles batteries somewhat when you use the brakes.

For comparison, the new Polaris Ranger XP Kinetic E-UTV  has two power options. The Premium trim is equipped with 14.9 kWh of lithium-ion battery capacity and offers an estimated range of up to 45 miles, while the Ultimate trim boasts 29.8 kWh of battery capacity and offers an estimated range of up to 80 miles. However, we have not verified these claims for ourselves.

Volcon claims to be the first powersports company to produce exclusively 100% electric, high-quality, off-road vehicles.

Volcon says additionally, an Over-Boost Mode available as an accessory, unleashes more than 140 hp. Other accessories will be made available including wind protection, hard storage, soft storage, winch, bumper options, sound system, and lighting.


That all electric, 4WD, drivetrain sits below a four seat cockpit. The back seats have the ability to fold forward allowing for a large 27.6 cubic foot cargo area. The chassis appears to be a similar set up to a Polaris General 4 with dual A-arms on all four corners with a 6” longer wheelbase at 121”. While we don’t have wheel travel numbers yet, we do know that it comes with Fox Shox and the Volcon Stag sport E-UTV will be equipped with 30×10-15 BFG KM3 tires.


Inside the cockpit, two cameras along with separate displays will have the ability to capture and process content using the Volcon App and a Sim Card. Furthermore a special rail is supplied to accept additional camera mounts as well as multiple USB ports within the dash-mounted charging station.

That main dashboard in front of the driver displays essential info such as speed, battery charge, driving mode, brake regeneration and energy consumption.

The central display providing full info for both front passengers and is equipped with camera view, route planner, off-road gauges, connectivity and info about the vehicle status.

In closing, Volcon states, utilizing the latest EV technology, the Stag will offer the same thrilling performance of a standard UTV without the noise (or pollution), allowing you to explore the outdoors with all your senses. If you are ready to test those senses check out www.volcon.com 


Stag Specs

      * Horsepower: 125 / above 140 hp*

      * Torque: 265 lb-ft

      * Range: above 100 miles

      * Charge Time: less than 6 hours** 

      * Motor: 107 kW

      * Battery: 42 kWh

      * Top Speed: 80 mph

      * Payload: 1,550 lbs

      * Bed Volume: 13.4 / 26.7*** cu-ft

      * Wheel Base: 121″

      * Vehicle Width: 64″

      * Towing: 2,000lbs****

      * Capacity: 4 people

  • Price: $39,999

      * Drivetrain: 4WD on demand

* with optional power boost

** with level 2 charging

*** with rear seats folded

**** with Tow Mode engaged


The company was founded with the mission to enhance the outdoor experience so that outdoor enthusiasts and hard working professionals alike can enjoy and conserve the outdoors for generations to come.

Reservations FAQ:


      * How much is a Volcon Stag reservation?

      * $100 per unit

      * What is a Volcon Stag reservation?

      * By making a reservation for a Volcon Stag, you will secure the purchase of Stag when they are available in dealerships. Your place in line will be based on the time and order that your reservation is received. Once your reservation is confirmed, a dealer will contact you to complete the purchase of your Stag when it is built and available for pick up from your dealership. 

      * Is my Volcon Stag reservation refundable? 

      * No. Due to high demand, reservations are non-refund.

      * How do I make a Volcon Stag reservation?

      * To make a reservation for a Stag, click the “Reserve Today” button, this will take you to a page with payment options for your reservation.

      * Can I make a Volcon Stag reservation if there are no dealers in my area? 

      * Yes! Reservations are assigned to the closest dealership. If you have a preferred dealership, please be sure to select that dealership at the time of your reservation. Your Volcon Stag will be made available for pick up at your closest dealership but you may also contact a dealer to make other arrangements as possible. 

      * I made a reservation, what’s next? 

      * Once you make your Stag reservation, you will receive a confirmation email. Volcon will send updates about the progress of manufacturing and delivery dates as they are available. You may also receive a call from your local dealership to confirm your reservation. We welcome you to stay in touch with your local dealership directly as well. 

      * Does my reservation guarantee that I will receive a Volcon Stag?

      * Yes! The Volcon Stag is expected to be a very popular vehicle. This means that if you make a reservation, you are guaranteed to receive a unit based on the order your reservation is received. If we sell out, we will continue to take waitlist reservations. 

      * What is the expected delivery date for my Volcon Stag?

      * Current plans estimate that we will begin to deliver the Volcon Stag to reservations holders in Summer 2023 and orders will be fulfilled in the order received.

      * Who can I talk to with Questions about my Volcon Stag reservation?

      * We encourage you to stay in touch with your local dealer, and, as always, you can also contact Volcon directly at [email protected]



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