The VP Racing Fuels Power Spout is a pour spout specifically for VP’s 5-gallon pails. It screws directly onto the pail’s pull-out spout and is designed to make the transfer of liquids simple. The Power Spout’s vent tube allows air to flow into the bottom of the container, which releases the internal pressure, so pouring is quick and smooth.


The VP Power Spout screws onto the small, collapsible pour spout on VP Racing Fuels’ 5-gallon pails. The Power Spout cap’s threads match the unusual course threads on the pail’s collapsible spout, but you need to thread the Power Spout onto the collapsible spout carefully for a leak-free fit. The Power Spout’s instructions say the spout should be removed and replaced by the original pail cap when storing fuel.

The Power Spout’s vent tube vents the pail, which makes pouring fuel quick, smooth and neat.



Properly installed, the Power Spout’s vent tube vents the pail, which makes pouring fuel quick and neat, and the hose cap seals the pail well. Most UTVs’ gas-fill locations require a hose-type filler, so the Power Spout lets you pour directly from the VP fuel pail. The Power Spout won’t fit on common plastic gas cans, but it does turn your empty VP 5-gallon pail into a useful gas can for fueling UTVs, and we’ve never met a UTVer with too many fuel containers.


The VP Power Spout makes filling UTVs directly from VP 5-gallon pails neat and quick, and it repurposes the pail into a handy gas can for any type of fuel. 


CONTACT: https://vpracingfuels.com/ or your dealer

RATING: ★★★★★

PRICE: $21.50

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