VP Racing Fuels has powered all forms of racing since it first introduced VP C12 in 1975. VP Racing Fuels has branched out into all sorts of high-performance chemicals and lubricants, including VP Racing Octanium Octane booster, Fuel Stabilizers with Ethanol Armor, 7-in-1 Fuel Treatment, Ultra Power Gold and Stay Frosty Coolants, ATF Pro, Cool Down, Diesel All-In-One, and Power Boost. VP has both Octanium Unleaded and Octanium for off-road use only. Go with Octanium Unleaded if your UTV has O2 sensors and/or a catalytic converter.

Pre-running for desert races and doing long adventure rides often means filling up at the pump, so Octanium is the go-to choice for increasing octane to race-gas levels.


Octanium additive is blended for off-road racing applications and, when added to pump gasoline, it increases the octane rating by up to 8 numbers. It’s formulated to increase horsepower, eliminate knocking and pinging, clean fuel injectors, improve throttle response and acceleration, and eliminate gum and varnish buildup in fuel systems. A 32-ounce bottle can boost 10 gallons of 89-octane gas to 97 octane and costs $21.95 (plus the cost of the pump gas) compared to buying 10 gallons of VP’s UTV 96, which is formulated for high-boost turbo UTVs and costs $126.


Octanium Unleaded is formulated to boost octane up to 7 points in cars and trucks with both O2 sensors and catalytic converters without harming the sensors or converters. Other than that, it’s formulated to do the same things as Octanium for off-road vehicles.


Weekend warriors who need more octane for high-compression engines and/or high-boost turbocharged engines can get VP race-fuel octane without paying race-fuel prices.


We tested Octanium Unleaded in turbo UTVs and Octanium in high-compression dirt bikes, including a V-twin hill-climber. Whereas the dirt-bike engines would ping on regular 91-octane pump gas, detonation and knocking were eliminated using Octanium, even on the steepest hills and under the heaviest loads. Our Maverick X3 with Evo Powersports 195-horsepower kit ran better and cooler with Octanium as well. Octanium also perked up old fuel for higher performance, sort of like a fuel stabilizer.


We’re impressed with VP Racing Fuels’ Octanium Octane Boost. Even when 89-octane pump fuel is $4.09 a gallon, Octanium boosts 10 gallons to 97 octane for a total cost of $62.94, or half as much as 10 gallons of UTV 96. Starting with 91 octane, Octanium boosts 10 gallons to 99 octane, and it’s a lot easier to carry a 32-ounce can than two 5-gallon jugs. Those who have modified their long-distance UTVs can treat their fuel at the pump and not worry about pinging, which can eventually hole a piston or cause other engine damage. It’s insurance for your investment. 

CONTACT: www.vpracingfuels.com

RATING: ★★★★★

PRICE: $21.95 (32 ounces) or $175.60 (32 ounces x 8)

Find out about the damaging effects of ethanol fuels here: https://utvactionmag.com/troubleshooter-11/

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