We were checking out the on-sale items at Dennis Kirk UTV Accessories and we came across this Wasp Cam 9902 Gideon Action Sports camera. It seems like a great price at $203.99. If you’ve been wanting to mount a camera to your UTV to record your rides here’s a low-cost way to do so. You can control the camera from the wrist remote, which is a unique feature. Here’s what they had to say about it…

Armed and ready for battle, the all-new Gideon is WASPcams premium camera model, pushing out serious pixel-power, higher frame-rate quality and allowing no room for error when it comes to capturing the best shot, thanks to WASPcams new Live Viewing Display (LVD) Wrist Remote! The Gideon records HD video up to 1080p60 (and also 1080p30, 960p60 and 720p120), snaps still-images up to 16-Megapixel and built-in WiFi connects the camera to an iPhone or Android for live viewing, recording and sharing content online with friends and fans.
Where the Gideon really destroys competitors is with its feature-rich LVD: a wireless wrist remote, which connects to the camera via Radio Frequency (RF), providing users with a LIVE viewing screen and remote control for their Gideon. The LVD connects to a Gideon from up to 15 feet (5 metres) away and also acts as a real watch, displaying time and date. Both the GIDEON (when installed in its waterproof camera casing) and its wireless wrist remote are waterproof down to 196 feet.


  • Records High-Definition video at 1080p60,
  • Includes Wireless Wrist Remote (LVD Wireless Wrist Remote is only included with WASPcam 9902 camera package. Wrist Remote may be purchased separately Part #40-00480) that connects to the camera up to 15 feet away. Controls photo and video functions, has standard watch functions and best of all, a live viewing feed so you can see what the camera sees
  • Up to 16-Megapixel photo quality (or choose from 12MP, 8MP and 5MP).
  • Auto-Looping Function: video records over itselfÂ-perfect for automobile applications or continuous video recording!
  • WiFi built-in. Connect camera to smartphone for live viewing, remote control and instant sharing online.
  • Camera (when installed in waterproof casing) and remote are waterproof down to 196 feet


    • Waterproof Camera Casing
    • Waterproof Casing Backdoor
    • Vented Casing Backdoor
    • Wireless Wrist Remote with Live Viewing Display
    • Flat Adhesive Mount
    • Curved Adhesive Mount
    • Lens Cover
    • Anti-Fog inserts
    • Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
    • Wall charger
    • Secure Tether
    • Swivel T-Tip Mount
    • Velcro Strap
    Instantly turn your smartphone into a WASPcam Wireless Remote and video viewing screen by downloading WASPcams exclusive WASPcam application. The App only takes minutes to download, and connects easily to an Android or iOS device. Simply configure your phones WiFi Network settings to that of your WASPcam.

More info here> https://www.denniskirk.com/waspcam/9902-gideon-action-sports-camera-9902.p4000414.prd/4000414.sku



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