PRODUCT TEST: Weego Heavy Duty Jump Starter/Battery Pack

Weego’s Heavy Duty Jump Starter/ Battery Pack has the power to jumpstart cars and trucks with gas engines as large as 6.4 liters and diesel vehicles up to 3.2 liters, so it easily jump-starts ATVs and UTVs. It also powers and charges most personal electronics like phones, laptops and tablets and comes with most of the common power plugs. There’s also a flashlight integrated into the unit. Our test unit, the JS-12, costs $130 and is similar in power to Antigravity’s XP-3 Micro-Start, which also costs $130. Weego also offers a smaller unit for $100  and a larger $190 model. Prices for conventional jump-starter boxes are $50 and up, but they are far larger and heavier than the light, compact, lithium-ion Weego and lack the ability to charge personal electronics.


We jump-started a 5.7-liter truck, a UTV and an ATV with the Weego on the same charge, and the device showed it still had power to spare on its charge-level indicator. The cables and clamps that come with the JS-12 fit the truck and powersports batteries with no problems, and using the compact device was about a million times simpler than rounding up a second vehicle and connecting jumper cables. A battery terminal brush comes with the JS-12, which is handy because terminals are nearly always crusted with corrosion that can prevent a good connection. Because the JS-12 is only 6.25 by 3 by 1 inches and weighs less than a pound, it’s also far more convenient to use and carry than large jump-starters. It’s small enough to take along in cars, trucks or on an ATV or UTV, and the flashlight is handy to have for all kinds of situations. We used the JS-12 to charge electronics, too, and it worked well.

Weego’s JS-12 isn’t the only compact jump-starter/power supply we’ve used, but like the others, it’s amazing. Having the power to jumpstart most vehicles in such a compact, affordable package is so useful, it’s well worth having one along on every road trip and off-road excursion.

RATING: ★★★★★
PRICE: $130

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