What are the Safest UTVs for Beginners

No matter how good a device or piece of equipment is, it will eventually stop working. Even something reliable like a monkey wrench that you’ve owned for years will eventually find itself in a metal scrap yard.

Remember this when you purchase a Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV). The longer the vehicle lasts, despite how much you use it will prove its reliability. When you buy a UTV and you start driving it, anything can happen. To help you decide, here are the most reliable UTVs for beginners.

2021 CAN-AM COMMANDER 1000 DPS, $16,399


Can-Am Commander

Can-Am Commander offers various trim levels. This means that there’s something for everyone, which makes this model more accessible. The Commander is always considered one of the best UTVs for both work and play.

It has a reputation for effectively handling roads no matter what the terrain. It has a dual-level cargo bed feature with an exclusive design. The Commander is the brand’s longest-running model. This shows that plenty of hard-earned knowledge got poured into its construct. It also comes with aftermarket accessories and loads of OEM.



Yamaha Wolverine

This entry-level model by Yamaha is very powerful, thanks to its 847cc engine. With this engine, the 9.3-inch rear, and the 8.7-inch front suspension, this UTV can clamber over debris and rocks with comfort and ease. The Wolverine is 62.2 inches wide and has a wheelbase of 83.7-inches. It has a compact design that’s enough to get you deep into the woods if you want to go exploring.


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Kawasaki Teryx KRX 1000

The initial venture of Kawasaki into the UTV market started with the 2020 Kawasaki Teryx KRX 1000. Now, the 2021 rendition also offers the same features of premiere quality OEM parts that are almost considered overkill.

The suspension of this UTV provides you with more width and clearance compared to the competition. Moreover, it packs in 31-inch tires on Beadlock wheels to provide more ground clearance. This means fewer bumps, which will make the machine last for a long time.

Polaris Ranger

Although the Polaris Ranger is a bit more expensive than other UTVs, the price is still considered reasonable as this is an excellent product. As such, what you get for your money will be worth every cent. All of the great features in Polaris vehicles are also in this vehicle, with most of them enhanced. It can carry huge loads for both the towing capacity and the bed capacity. Storage is also present in the form of bins under and in the dashboard.

You get the assurance of comfort with the thicker and improved seat padding. The Polaris Ranger has stood the test of time and it keeps improving. It offers the most choices for power and size, and an EV too.

Honda Pioneer 1000

Honda is a trusted name all over the world and the company’s Pioneer 1000 is a UTV worthy of its brand. Although when it comes to performance and power, the UTV might not be the most cutting-edge vehicle, but in terms of quality, nobody in the competition can outdo it.

If you want a vehicle that will keep running for a long time, set your eyes on the Honda Pioneer 1000. When it comes to details, this brand is in a class of its own. Each part of the UTV is of the highest quality, from the transmission and engine to the seats and dash. To ensure that the vehicle will last for years, you need to follow a maintenance schedule. The Pioneer today is the most dependable UTV around. If you want a high-quality vehicle that will start, go, would last for years to come, this is the best choice.

Always wear protective gear

Whether you’re buying an electric car or a UTV that runs on gas, safety is of prime importance. Always keep safety as your first priority. Protect your eyes by wearing safety glasses. Wearing these will prevent any eye injuries.

It will only take a second for debris from another vehicle or from the outside world to hit your eyes and cause serious injuries. Also, consider wearing protective clothing when heading out on your UTV. Couple this with a padded jacket and riding gloves for protection in case of an accident.


Know your limits

One very important thing to keep in mind when riding a UTV is to remain aware of your surroundings at all times. Always focus on maintaining awareness, knowing your limits, and preparedness.

Preparedness means wearing the right safety gear, knowing where you’re going by studying the trail beforehand, and knowing how to drive your vehicle safely. When you are actively riding, you must stay focused. Look ahead for other vehicles, trail users, or any other obstacles to avoid. Never try to enter courses beyond your level of experience and don’t go faster than what you can handle.


If you decide to buy a UTVs, you will use it as a dependable way to navigate uneven or tricky terrain. Driving a UTV has become a very popular off-road pastime as it offers thrilling experiences for riders and drivers. Now that you know the best ones for beginners and how to drive safely, all you have to do is to choose one.


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