Better than you think


Just before the official release of the 2019 Honda Talon’s UTV Action magazine was allowed to get behind the wheel of a few pre production, or Prototype Honda Talon at a top secret location.

We sent one of our seasoned drivers, who we would call more conservative instead of crazy. The ride was aggressive but more typical of an average trail ride not a race. Here’s what he thought.

Speaking of the R, It has outstanding line holding in high speed whoops. It felt very calm and planted, even in whoops on a curve. The R slides and corners very precisely. The X feels more agile than 1000R with very flat cornering.


It’s a little more busy than 1000R in high speed whoops and bumps, but still good. This will be excellent in the tighter trails back East. Luckily for Honda people have already been widening trails at the Eastern ride areas to accept 64 inch wide cars. They both have a powerful engine with cool sound and crisp response, though in auto mode the DCT’s downshifts aren’t as smooth as a CVT. Upshifts are quick and crisp and give the machine a unique feel.

Automatic sport mode was the most fun our test driver noted. Even Honda test guys claim they can’t manually paddle shift as quickly as automatic mode. You can shift manually in automatic mode too. Both units have a throaty tone but it’s not very aggressive or even mean sounding. It’s on the tame or quiet side for sure.

In the cockpit, both machines had excellent seat and cabin comfort. The drivers seats slides like its on ice. A good amount of storage is found with glove box and two wells in the dash.

The center mounted instrument location is dated but the instruments are clear and readable.

The shift selector and door releases have a smooth, solid high quality feel. Easy to adjust, rattle-free passenger hand hold.

The full specs and features of both machines can be seen HERE.

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