On the 2-seat models, Honda uses the exact same frame for both, the 64” inch wide Talon X and the wider Talon 1000R. The major differences are the width of the A-arms and axles in the front, and the suspension arms, axles and hubs in the rear.

This black cross tube is what is missing on the Talon 4. It’s the mounting point for the forward portion of the top arm. The aftermarket guys might try to do without it so you don’t have to buy new hubs too.

The frame on the Talon X 4-seater is slightly different.  At a glance of the rear portion of the Talon 4 seater’s frame it looks identical to the shorter version however it is not. Most of the pick up points for the wider R suspension are in place except one critical area. The pair of tabs where the front portion of the upper control arm mounts to the frame is missing.

With this piece missing from the factory, will the four seat chassis be legal for big desert races if the R long travel is installed?

A simple piece of tubing welded to the frame with gussets and two mounting tabs will make the conversion happen. After that you would need to buy the R’s long travel components and the R’s rear hubs. Another question would be if the electronic power steering assist  is the same in the X as it is on the R. Honda told us early on it’s the same between the two, 2 seaters but were not sure about the 4-seater.

The way the trailing arm mounts to the hub on the R model is different than the X, that’s why R hubs would be needed as well.

Below, we have listed the R components you would need to buy after you had that one simple piece welded on. We can’t guarantee that Honda won’t come out with an R version of the 4-seater anytime soon, so it’s up to you if you want to try it. Chances are one of you will and we will see a long travel X, before Honda unveils the long travel R.

Below and behind the sway bar mount, you see that the other upper arm mounting point is available.

Honda Talon R Components Needed.

Front Shocks

Front A-arms

Front Axles

Front Brake lines (rubber & steel)

Front Tierods

Rear shocks

Rear Radius rods

Rear Axles

Rear Brake lines (rubber & steel)

Rear Hubs

Rear Trailing arm

Rear Upper suspension arm

Swaybar and links

Long TravelSuspensionTALON