As 22 states have lifted shelter-in-place orders enacted to fight Covid-19, California is in the process of partially re-opening its OHV areas. The California City, Jawbone Canyon and Dove Springs OHV areas have reopened to trail riding use only with no camping. UTV Action did a 73-mile ride from Robber’s Roost to the Petroglyphs and on to Randsburg, then returning via Last Chance Canyon and EP15, last weekend. We even had a great to-go spaghetti lunch from the Cottage Inn (760-495-2069) in Randsburg, and we could have stayed the night there.

With Memorial Day weekend being hot, morning and late-afternoon rides are best.

The California Parks’  Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Division has opened four of its nine OHV SVRAs, with the largest and most popular one being Hungry Valley (aka Gorman), north of Los Angeles. Trails, routes, hills and open areas are open with limited parking, but all campgrounds remain closed. Some restrooms are open but the Honey Valley Group Campground is closed. Hungry Valley is open 6am-6pm daily; the fee is $5.

Hungry Valley and Hollister Hills SVRAs reopen with limited parking and no camping, but the OHV trails are ready for action.

Hollister Hills is also open with very limited parking; the Lower Ranch is a favorite of dirt bikes and ATVs, while 4x4s are at the Upper Ranch. The Hudner Ranch, Area 5, and all campgrounds are closed. Daily hours are 8am-8pm, with a $5 day-use fee. Also, the Clay Pit SVRA near Oroville is open for day use OHVing but not to camping.

Johnson Valley is not on the BLM’s closed list, but areas shared with the Marines may be restricted.

Cal Parks’ latest acquisition is Eastern Kern County’s Onyx Ranch SVRA. This 26,000 acre OHV area is off of the 14 and is accessible via Jawbone and Dove Springs. Elevations range from 2,200 to 6,400 feet, and there are pit toilets in several spots. It is managed by the BLM, and there are no fees at this time.

Dumont and Glamis Dunes have open riding but campgrounds are closed.

BLM-managed Dumont Dunes and Imperial Sand Dunes (Glamis) are open for day OHV use, as long as social distancing is maintained. At Glamis, Osborne Overlook, Gecko, Roadrunner and Keyhole camping areas are closed, but the dunes are open. There is no listing of the Johnson Valley SVRA being closed due to Covid-19, but shared-use areas may be impacted by military operations.

Ocotillo SVRA is closed but surrounding trails are accessible along highway 86.

Carnegie SVRA, Heber Dunes, Oceano (Pismo) Dunes, Prairie City, and Ocotillo remain closed until further notice. However, open riding areas between Salton Sea and Ocotillo are hard to close.


California Parks OHV Recreation

1725 23rd St.

Sacramento, CA 95816

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