Spectators and racers, the 53rd Score International Baja 1000 is on for November 17-22, 2020, and the iconic race will be starting north of Ensenada, Baja, Mexico. Below are racer/team directions to the Score Compound, which was relocated from the downtown Riviera Convention Center to the new Libramento Ensenada approximately 8.3 miles from the usual Contingency/Technical Inspection location. 

Outbound pre-running from the start to Race Mile 33.53 starts on Tuesday the 17th at 8:00am, and race registration starts at 2:00pm. Wednesday the 18th is Tech and Contingency for all UTV, ATV and Moto classes and several truck, buggy and Jeep/4×4 classes, at the Score compound. Transponders and Stella III Evo pick-up and installations are also at the Score Compound. Thursday is Tech and Contingency for all classes not scheduled for Thursday. Sadly, the Score Compound is not open to spectators and restricted on the number of team members allowed.

Friday at 3:30am is the opening of the BFG Tires Baja Mil at the Score media center, with Moto and ATV classes staging at 3:15am and starting at 4:00am. Five hours after the last Moto/ATV racer starts, the Trophy Trucks start at around 10:00am. There are 26 Pro UTV racers entered, and they have 40 hours to finish.

Camping along the route is not restricted, so spectators can check out the course map and plan accordingly. From the start, the course will head east to Ojos Negros, south and west to Santo Thomas, then it stays inland and goes south to San Vincente and Ejido Mexico. The only Pacific coast sections are from RM130 to Camalu and another short section around RM170. The course then heads north through the mountains to Check 2 near Lazaro Cardenas before heading to San Felipe.

Directions to Score Compound:

From Downtown Ensenada:
Starting at Riviera Convention Center
Proceed WEST towards Hwy 1 (Toll Rd) to Tijuana
Exit Hwy 1 onto Hwy 3 towards Tecate (approx.. 6.4 mi. from Riviera)
At Km 102 (1.9 mi.) on Hwy 3 turn RIGHT on to new Libramento Ensenada Proceed approx. 6 mi. to SCORE Compound

IMPORTANT: Race vehicles can be trailered to SCORE area and tow rigs will be parked outside the controlled access area at the Compound.

From Tijuana:

From Toll Booth proceed straight approx. 1.6 mi. and loop onto Hwy 3 going towards Tecate. Then follow the above directions to compound.

Safety notes from Score:

The health and safety of our Racers, Sponsors, Media, Fans, Staff and the citizens of Baja California, remains our highest priority. Due to the continued battle against the Covid-19 pandemic a number of strict Bio-Security Protocols are in effect during pre-running and for the entire Baja 1000 weekend. The future of world-class off-road racing in Baja hinges on the 100% cooperation of every individual attending this event!

All persons will be required to observe the following mandated health guidelines of the government issued Bio-security Protocol during the pre-running period:

  1. Face Masks must be properly worn (covering mouth and nose) at all times in Baja, Mexico. During entire race week, all areas will be controlled access only. Controlled Access Areas (CAA) includes all SCORE areas at Baja 1000 locations. Face shields are recommended when in contact with others for an extended period of time. Social distancing of 4.5 to 6 feet (1.5 to 2 meters) must be maintained whenever possible even when wearing masks. 
  2. Plan to have masks with you at all times during pre-running and masks must be worn whenever you do not have helmet on in vehicle or on moto/quad! IMPORTANT – SCORE, and all our
    racers are being observed throughout the pre-run and during and after the race. Compliance with Bio-Security guidelines can affect future Baja races! 
  3. Race Week – Plan for all persons to sign waivers and receive SCORE issued wristband for entry to any CAA at any time during the entire Baja 1000 weekend. Each team will be permitted to have up to four (4) essential team persons banded for the event in addition to registered participants. No spectators or persons under the age of 16 allowed at this event. 

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