— The famous 5,592 mile, 12 day race —

A year ago, the Dakar Rallye saw 19 of the top 20 UTV finishers do so in a Can-Am UTV in South America. For the 2020 race, the Dakar venue moves to Saudi Arabia, offering an extremely challenging and uncharted 5,592-mile (9,000 KM) route for the competitors. There will be 12 days of competition and a rest day for the UTV racers during 2020 Dakar, which is the premier event of the FIA Rallye Series.

American Casey Currie had a wonderful 2019 Morocco Rallye, winning the Open category in his Can-Am Maverick X3 after winning the fourth stage. Follow his Dakar exploits at Can-Am’s Dakar website.

With all the unpredictability that this global endurance race offers, there are many things that are known and others that need to be “figured out.” Things like terminology, classes, roadbooks, navigation, teams and more. Can-Am, coming off of back-to-back Dakar UTV category titles, will be at it again in 2020, as its racers take on the famed Dakar course. The famed rally starts January 5th.

Reinaldo Varela’s overall 2019 Morroco Rallye win and class victory propelled him to the FIA T3 World Title.

For 2020, Can-Am has enhanced it efforts to help showcase this worldly event and to help explain it to the gearheads/racing fanatics in North America. There is a new Can-Am Dakar designated landing page HERE:


Here’s the skinny on what the site offers in terms of topics and resources. Think of it as a Dakar 101:

  • Dakar and side-by-side vehicle historical perspective and race synopsis
  • 2019 Dakar Rallye recap
  • Team info, including drivers and co-drivers and their roles
  • Maverick X3 vehicle overviews
  • Class breakdowns
  • Roadbook rundown
  • Videos and images
  • & MORE
Follow Verela’s 2020 FIA T3 Title defense starting with the 2020 Dakar Rallye, which will be held on its fourth continent in the 43rd running of the event.

Can-Am’s official kick-off for Dakar began Nov. 20, with a live Facebook watch party about American Casey Currie’s rookie effort (and fourth place run) at the 2019 Dakar event. Videos to explain Dakar and this year’s endeavor by Can-Am will launch daily on the social channels so you can virtually ride along and learn more about the Dakar Rally and its global importance. Today’s Can-Am Facebook page video quickly highlights the difference between traditional off-road racing and rally racing. You can find a YouTube link here: https://youtu.be/VUF94y6zSi8

Dakar originally started in France and ferried to Morocco before racing to Dakar, Senegal. It was moved to South America for many years; now it moves to Asia’s Middle East.

We encourage you to dig in, watch, share and follow the race starting January 5! For even more info on the race check out the dakar website at https://www.dakar.com/en .



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