We love that the sport of off-roading is a year-round activity. For us in the Southwest, winter is our busiest time of the year, but we don’t shut down when summer comes. When the temperature heats up, we seek out coastal or high-altitude gatherings that are not only comfortable, but the trails and views are breathtaking. One such event—Rally in the Pines in Salmon, Idaho—caters to people like us. Not only is the host town of Salmon a beautiful and historic place to visit, the trails above the town have views in literally every direction.

Taking part in events like Rally in the Pines is the easiest way to explore new trails that you might never know about. Idaho’s best mountain trail event helps people from all over do just that.
The latest gizmo to allow you to cook on the trail is the $499 Rebel Heart AT Hot Box that uses heat from coolant lines to warm up whatever you can fit in the box. See how it works at
The downtown parade is always a favorite for the locals and participants who get into the spirit of the event.
Sedona was on hand showing off their latest 6-inch-wide, high-positive-offset wheel that will fit and work perfect on modern long-travel cars. Very nice-looking wheel!
Starting Line Products made their name in the Snowmobile and then UTV clutching world. Their ever-expanding line now includes low-cost, quality replacement mufflers for almost every Polaris all the way back to the first RZR 800. They have quiet and performance mufflers starting under $400. Call them at (208) 529-0244 and tell them UTV Action magazine sent you.
Full Throttle Battery was on hand giving advice and making sure everyone’s electrical system was doing what it’s supposed to be doing.

We spent a few days at this year’s event and took in the parade, vendor area and several guided trail rides. All rides begin out of the Lemhi County Fairgrounds, where the majority of the event camping is located as well. However, if you wish to stay at a hotel, you can trailer over or jump in on the scheduled escorts down the highway from town to the fairgrounds at the beginning of each day and back to town in the evening. We stayed in a great camp spot along the Salmon River that was as good as you can expect in Idaho.

Trail rides for this year’s Rally in the Pines started at the fairgrounds and vendor area just north of Salmon, Idaho, and headed in every direction.
Escaping the summer heat and spending a weekend riding new trails with new friends are what events like Rally In The Pines represent. This years time in the mountains above Salmon Idaho was memorable and addicting. We will be back. You can register for the 2020 rally starting in October at www.rallyinthepines.com.
Participants of the rally were treated to a western BBQ dinner on Saturday night.
One of the coolest products we have seen in a while is this fuel transfer tank from Titan All Terrain. This $500 part for the Polaris RZR carries 12 extra gallons of fuel and still leaves room for cargo. Can-Am and Arctic Cat tanks are also available and more are being developed. Visit www.titanallterain.com.
It’s not quite Rocket League, but it’s a blast to watch or join in. Next year’s event will have even more arena activities for competitions and spectators to enjoy.

Salmon is a little far from any major city in the Pacific Northwest, but well worth the drive. The event limits the number of participants, so sign up early. You can register for the 2020 rally at www.rallyinthepines.com. Here’s what we saw at this year’s event in July.



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